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‘Bad News for Incumbents’: Survey Finds Americans Don’t Like Where Democrats are Heading

A new poll finds that a majority of U.S. voters don’t want Biden to run, believe that abortion standards should be set by individual states, believe that Democrats’ calling the Supreme Court illegitimate is wrong and that the January 6 commission is biased.

“This month’s findings on the economy, Roe v. Wade, and the 2024 presidential elections are bad news for the incumbents and good news for challengers seeking to tap into American discontent,” said Chairman of the Harvard-CAPS Harris Poll Mark Penn. “‘Wrong track metrics’ about the direction of the country and the economy are the worst they have ever been in our poll.”

Democrats showed the largest shift in answers on the direction of the country. A year ago, 73% of Democrats felt that the country was on the right track. Now, less than half (45%) feel the same way. Even among independents, just 15% believe Democrats who hold control of the House, Senate and White House, have directed the country in the right direction.

The numbers didn’t improve for the Donkey party when voters were asked about the direction of the economy. Only 39% of Democrats, 14% of independents, and 8% of Republicans felt that things were on the right track. A stunning 64% of all voters said their financial situations are “getting worse.”

The President

According to the survey, Biden hit his worst disapproval rating yet with 57% of respondents answering that they somewhat or strongly disapprove of his leadership. Just 38% somewhat or strongly approve of the job the president is doing – a mark that ties his lowest ever approval rating back in February. 71% of those asked said he should not run again in 2024 because “he’s a bad president.”

The 2024 election is still years away, but President Biden’s coattails, shoddy as they are, will negatively impact the mid-term elections later this year.

When voters were asked on which issues they felt that Biden was strong or weak, the only one where half (50%) of those asked responded positively was his handling of Coronavirus. Approval of his leadership on immigration (37%), foreign affairs (39%), crime/violence (34%), the economy (32%), and inflation (28%) were all much worse. Immigration, the economy, and inflation were three of the top four most important issues to voters, according to the poll. Coronavirus, Biden’s best issue, came in a distant 12th.

The January 6 Commission

The survey also showed that most voters feel that the hearings are a waste of time, are dividing the country (67%), are biased, and are little more than a partisan exercise.

Opinions on the January 6 hearings are divided largely along party lines, but when looking at independents, a healthy majority feel that it is biased (58%) and “more of a partisan exercise” (57%). 63% of all voters said that Congress is wasting time it should be using to work on other issues like crime and inflation (67% of independents agreed).


44% of those asked said that state legislatures are where abortion standards should be set – a view that exactly lines up with the Supreme Court decision. Only 31% believe that the U.S. Congress should legislate abortion.

As a mid-term issue, abortion will have no impact. When asked if the Dobbs decision would make them more likely to vote Republican and Democrat, both parties got 36%, and “no effect” came in at 29%.

Party Approval

Approval of the two political parties is continuing a downward slide with Democrats at 40% approval/60% disapproval and Republicans garnering 45% approval. In a head-to-head generic ballot test, Democrats and Republicans tied with 50% of those surveyed picking each party.

Impact on 2022 Elections

The numbers aren’t good for those in the DNC up for election this year. Democrats’ top issues (abortion, climate change, social justice) are far down the list of concerns for voting Americans as gas prices, inflation, and illegal immigration take much higher spots.

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  1. The democrats couldn’t do a better job of destroying their own party if they tried. I don’t understand understand why the democrats that have been in there for so long are just bending over to these progressive radicals. I think you’re going to be sorry.

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