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America’s Future Is America First


The Biden administration promised to “Build Back Better,” but for ordinary Americans, this is a broken promise.

Every day, our nation’s citizens must make ends meet with gas and groceries they increasingly cannot afford, often seeking goods they cannot find. As Americans watch inflation hit a 40-year high, they see glimpses on television of the devastation in war-torn Europe and the trafficking of innocent children across America’s southern border.

This is the reality when leaders in Washington, D.C., and states and cities across the country do not put America first.

The American people clearly see that these “America Last” policies are failing, and they fondly remember a time in the not-so-distant past when America First leadership created a safer and stronger nation and a more peaceful world at large.

Americans desperately want to return to more prosperous times. We know that America First policies worked before, and they will work again.

Put simply — America’s future is America First.

Tomorrow, the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) will unveil the America First Agenda — the roadmap to get our country back on the right track. Federal, state and local officials will offer real policy solutions to the problems facing our Nation and former President Donald J. Trump will join the summit to deliver the keynote address.

To create the America First Agenda, we went directly to the people and dug into what is on their minds and in their hearts — without regard or concern for the Washington establishment. We then took the top issues—such as the economy, integrity in our election systems, national security, and education—and crafted policies that would put the American people first.

As Americans recoil from pain at the gas pump, former Secretary of Energy Rick Perry will champion unleashing American energy and making America energy independent. It is past time to end the war on domestic energy and put American workers and American energy companies back to work!

Living paycheck to paycheck, the American people are tired of walking around stores filled with inflated price tags. Larry Kudlow, former Director of the National Economic Council, will shine a light on the real cause of inflation and what needs to be done to make the greatest economy in the world work for all Americans once again.

Misguided policies have thrown the floodgates wide open, welcoming illegal immigrants across our southern border. You cannot turn on the television without watching this horrific nightmare unfold. I will lead a panel that will detail the plan to strengthen our border again, defeat the cartels and end human trafficking — and yes, it includes finishing the wall!

On the world stage, America First does not mean America alone. Lt. General Keith Kellogg (Ret.) and former Director of the Office of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe will introduce a “peace through strength” foreign policy agenda that will prioritize American lives, interests and resources.

The America First Agenda is not about any one person or political office. It is about all Americans, which is why educating and training the next generation of America First leaders is vital to the longevity of the America First Movement.

To safeguard this agenda for generations to come, Former Senior Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway will empower all Americans with educational opportunities and school curriculums that celebrate the sacred founding values of America.

We do not need to convince Americans that the America First Agenda works. They remember cheap gas, plentiful jobs, growing paychecks, soaring stock markets, shrinking poverty, a strong southern border and a world without new wars.

Across the country, Americans from all backgrounds believe that America’s future is America First, and tomorrow, the fight to take our country begins in earnest with the America First Agenda.

Chad Wolf is Executive Director, Chief Strategy Officer, and Chair of the Center for Homeland Security and Immigration at America First Policy Institute. He previously served as Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under former President Donald J. Trump.

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