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When Does This Protesting End?


It has been weeks since the Supreme Court memo about the upcoming Roe Vs. Wade decision was leaked, and the demonstrations began outside the homes of conservative justices. There is a law in the books that no level of authority is heeding.

The law is clear. There are to be no demonstrations or protests at the private residence of a Supreme Court Justice or Federal Judge. Daily protests have been at justice’s homes, and their addresses have been posted publicly. Police have a protective perimeter keeping protestors away, but nobody has been arrested for the apparent violation of the law.

There are many issues with enforcing the law to protect our current justices. First and foremost is promoting the protests by the President and his staff. They disagree with a written law and encourage people to protest 24/7 outside the justice’s homes. The addresses of the conservative justices were made public by the group Ruth Sent Us. The President continues to support the protests even after the attempted assassination of Brett Kavanaugh.

Next, is Attorney General Merrick Garland ignoring the law and his responsibility to enforce all laws. He is not speaking on the issue, and one possibility is payback for him not getting an opportunity to be on the bench after being nominated by President Obama. The probable reason is Biden telling him to stand down. The President is the premier crime fighter in the country and for him to act in this manner is criminal.

Finally, there is a perimeter of armed authorities guarding each of the six conservative justices. Still, they are not engaging with, discouraging, or arresting any of the protesters who are breaking the law.

Seeing the young girls protesting this weekend in front of Amy Coney Barrett’s home harkens questions about where their parents are. These girls look to be of high school age, wearing the same costume: white pants with bloodied crotches, white shirts with green hands holding each breast, wrists taped and holding a “fetus” in their hands. These girls are reported to be members of the pro-choice group Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights.

I challenge that these girls understand Roe Vs. Wade or what it means to give control of Abortion Rights back to the states. These girls are pawns, and the adults using them should be ashamed.

The opinion from the Court was expected weeks ago and will probably be released this week. Rumors are that Roberts has been lobbying for a watered-down compromise. If that is true and a result of the protests, it is a travesty. The Court must stay apolitical and insulated from public outcry. The task of the Supreme Court is to decide cases based on the Constitution. Public opinion should mean nothing.

Should the ruling come down and supplant Roe Vs. Wade on a Federal level, there will be violence from the Pro-Choice faction. They promised violence, and they will deliver.

Abortion rights have been a hot-button topic for more than fifty years. If the Left would do their homework and try to understand what is happening, they would step back. They will not do that because they react to emotions and not facts. The Court is merely correcting a flaw in the original law, returning it to the states where people can decide.

This situation calls for leadership and education on both sides. The Left lacks that leadership; thus, we will have protests, violence, and probably people hurt. All unnecessary.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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Ray Cardello

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