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Walmart Cancels MyPillow

The world’s largest retailer has joined Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Costco, Kohl’s, and other retailers by canceling Mike Lindell’s industry-leading products.

Lindell revealed the cancellation in an online announcement saying that Walmart used the excuse that MyPillow products had fallen below a certain threshold in a rating system. It is unclear what the rating system measures, but likely, the small band of progressive trolls and loudmouths pressured the multi-billion dollar company into a bad business decision.

As Walmart goes woke and loses out on MyPillow products and the massive revenues that come with them, Lindell is offering up to 66% off with code ILMF6 when used at checkout at MyPillow.com.

See Mike’s announcement:

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  1. I’ll no longer shop at walmart or kohl’s, and will be cancelling my costco membership.

    No money of mine will go to any “woke” company.

    Hopefully they will all go bankrupt.

  2. Eliminating all woke companies from my shopping preferences. Kohls. Walmart, and Costco can join the list. Should probably include Amazon on this list also. Won’t leave me to many big box stores, but perhaps smaller locally owned businesses is the way to go anyway. I will not miss Walmart. Most of the stuff they sell turn out to be cheaply made China knock-offs anyway.

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