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Out of Touch: Biden Pushes Global Climate Crackdown as Energy Crisis Rages

President Joe Biden and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen pledged to cut methane emissions and reduce natural gas demand in a joint statement Monday in the midst of a global energy crisis.

The proposed partnership seeks to crack down on natural gas leaks. The western boycott of Russian oil as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused U.S. LNG exports to Europe have increased by 75%, The Associated Press reported.

Dan Kish, a senior fellow at the Institute for Energy Research, told The Daily Caller News Foundation the statement is an attempt by the Biden administration to force the American economy to adapt to European environmental standards.

“President Biden is trying his best to put us in the same position as Europe,” Kish said. “Consumers are going to feel it at the pump, in their electric bills and across the board. They are shooting holes in the bottom of the boat.”

The joint statement warns western nations to reduce demand for natural gas to meet international climate standards, despite soaring energy prices.

Kish said the statement fails to account for natural gas as a critical ingredient in nitrogen-based fertilizer.

“In addition to a world wide fuel shortage, in Europe, they aren’t even making fertilizer because natural gas is so expensive,” Kish told theDCNF. “Yet these people are sitting around carving up the world with meaningless regulation.”

The energy crisis will only worsen during winter when the toll of further methane reductions will take effect, he continued.

“Europe is facing electricity blackouts in the winter if the situation does not improve,” Kish remarked. “All across Europe, we see coal power making a return to try to make up for the energy deficit. For instance in France, a country that operates 90% on nuclear, might have to begin firing up some coal plants.”

The Biden administration did not immediately respond to TheDCNF’s request for comment.

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  1. It is so obvious that this man is utterly unable to shift away from a climate paradigm and give his attention to critically important issues that affect Ameriocans hour by hour. He is over-committed to showing the world how he is the most unwavering, wokemeister and environmental revolutionary….but, he doesn’t have the gravitas and the wisdom to make it work. The evidence of his failure as a leader is found in his son, Hunter. The sooner this man is made a historical figure, the better we will be.

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