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Leftists Melting Down over SCOTUS Ruling on Religious Schools are Completely Wrong

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that parents could use vouchers – taxpayer-funded tuition assistance – to pay for religious private schools and the left, as expected, is in complete meltdown. They are also completely wrong.

“Historically the court has said if there is government money going to religious institutions, including schools, that is a violation of the Establishment Clause,” CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said. “That idea is breaking down under the conservative majority.”

Toobin, wearing pants this time, is wrong. This is the second time the Supreme Court has ruled that if parents, not the government, choose the destination of the funding, it does not run afoul of the Establishment Clause. The last time this ruling was made was in 2002 – “historically”.

Continuing the intellectually dishonest attack on the First Amendment, a legal analyst laments the alleged fall of the Establishment Clause under the sword of the Free Exercise Clause in some sort of deranged First Amendment on First Amendment assault.

“I mean, the old law of separation between church and state, which is based on the Establishment Clause, is breaking down,” CNN legal analyst Jennifer Rodgers said. “We’re really seeing that it’s not going to be there, the more and more that this court erodes the Establishment Clause by elevating freedom of religious expression [and] the Free Exercise Clause above the notion of the Establishment Clause.”

Rodgers, much like Toobin, is just wrong. The Establishment Clause is meant to protect religious entities from government interference or competition. The government can’t create or promote a certain religion as the forefathers, in part, sought to prevent the whole colonial era Church of England mess. It does not prevent parents from deciding where to spend their tax dollars when it comes to education. And, let’s face it, public education has turned into a government-as-religion megachurch.

If you look at social media, the amount of mouth-breathing and lack of knowledge both get substantially worse.

These people are lying, wrong, intellectual midgets, or … all three.

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