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OGDuka and Eazy Money Records on Forming a Relationship with Record Label Giant Universal Records

The music industry is an incredibly difficult and tough environment for any new players to make an entrance to. A rare combination of unique talents and characteristics are required to succeed, though none of this matters if an artist fails to get noticed.

While platforms such as YouTube, and other media streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and SoudCloud initially offered a promising means of a talented artist drawing attention to themselves, they have now become a far more competitive landscape that offer little opportunity due to the vast amount of people trying to take advantage of it.

This is where OGDuka and Eazy Money steps in. Famous for their great management of renowned artists such as TPeezy and 17thstreetmula, this group has formed a strong relationship with the record label giant, Universal Records. They aim to make the most of this connection in order to assist underprivileged talent from their local area in achieving stardom.

Who Are Eazy Money?

For Eazy Money and OGDuka, everything began back in Amite County, their home county in South Mississippi. Here, OGDuke and his brothers keenly noticed the amount of talent that was going unnoticed in the area. Despite their incredible musical ability, they didn’t have the means to enter the music industry as they couldn’t gain recognition.

Knowing they could provide a solution and method for this talent to be tapped into, OGDuka started with T Peezy and received a tsunami of positive feedback. This led to a surge of interest in the name “Eazy Money”, and soon enough, everyone in South Mississippi was aware of their work for local high-quality artists.

This naturally transitioned into Eazy Money performing a great number of local shows, at which they showed off the impressive singles of their artists, including “In My Bag” and “Topic”. Finally, one of their artists, 17thstreetmula, obtained a lucrative deal with the conglomerate Hitmaker Music Group.

The resulting success that this deal led to for 17thstreetmula was almost tangible – he even gained over half a million views on his YouTube. At the moment, Eazy Money’s most important endeavor is the production of a greater amount of music. In doing so, this generates engagement with their artists from labels that might want to sign them.

Image Credit: OGDuka

Looking To The Future

Eazy Money is growing their eminence and gradually establishing themselves as a reliable provider of a entrance into the music industry for those who would not otherwise be able to access it. Especially because of their recent relationships with both Atlantic, and now Universal, Records, they can provide artists with a route into a reputable record company.

Moving forwards, Eazy Money is looking to further grow their reputation as the best way for high-quality artists from the south to get themselves heard. This connection they have made with Universal Records represents a major step in being able to provide underprivileged artists with a direct door to major labels.

Ultimately, Eazy Money is hoping to be able to act as a factory for the production of high level artists from all around their home region of Mississippi. 

An Opportunity For The Youth

Eazy Money believes that their work can provide an opportunity for youths in the black community to thrive. Currently, black-on-black violence has been at an all time high, and has been for some time, but OGDuka wants to put a stop to this.

Having grown up in the midst of hate and poverty, he knows that the reasons for the utter deprivation of some areas is down to these deeply rooted cultural emotions that are poisoning the generations.

In other words, OGDuka claims that these emotions are causing the black communities morals to fade away. As a consequence, deprivation and poverty ensue, which results in less opportunities, which then further entrenches these emotions of resentment – creating a cycle.

Eazy Money wants to break this cycle by taking a stand in the community to help the local kids get more out of life instead of being dragged down by their circumstances. OGDuka believes this is the least people in positions of fortune such as himself can do, and that if more people did, a change in the black community might start to become apparrent.

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