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Make Summertime Magical with Our Unicorn Pool Float

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Summertime is the time of year that is full of sun rays, water fun, and relaxation. It is when we spend a ton of time outside soaking up vitamin D and breathing in the fresh air. Summer is also the hottest time of the year and we often find ourselves gravitating to the water to cool us down. And to make the most of your time in the water this summer, you will need the ultimate unicorn float. This float has come to show the haters they are wrong by proving that unicorns do exist. The unicorn float will amp up your summer fun and catch the attention of everyone around you. It’s time to throw away the old pool floats that left you sinking in the water. Promote yourself to the next level with the ultimate unicorn float. Not convinced? Let’s talk about it more.

The Glitter Unicorn

It’s unlikely that your previous pool floats were filled with glitter. The unicorn float is made with translucent clear material with a hint of pink to make its presence known. And yes, it’s filled with glitter. A pink unicorn float filled with metallic glitter is far from subtle. If you need something to match your bold and wild personality, then the unicorn float does just that. You can show up on your boring and dull pool float and match everyone else. Or you can ride in style on your wild unicorn and watch the jaws drop. The tail smoothly fades from pink to blue as well as horn on the front giving a complete look from head to tail. It’s no wonder that this unicorn float ends up being the life of the party.

The Unicorn Build

One of the biggest problems with large and abstract floats is that they tend to be unstable and hard to balance on. Designers took this into consideration when they were creating the ultimate unicorn float. The unicorn float has an upgraded base that is stable for all of your best dance moves. You can ride up on your knees and grab the handles on the neck of the unicorn for stability. Or you can sit back and relax as you enjoy your favorite beverage. And then when you want to get up on your knees, you can put your favorite beverage into the reinforced cup holder while you ride into the sunset or snap a pic for your social media. The unicorn float is extra large and can fit you and a friend while you party on the water. The handles on the neck make it easy to carry and lift in and out of the water. It also includes a tether hook so you can easily tie to a boat, dock, or another float.

Where Can I Use My Unicorn Float?

Unicorns have no limits. Well maybe some. However, they are perfect for floating in a pool, lake, river, or ocean. You can easily have some pool fun on your unicorn float and catch some sun rays. Or you can take it into the ocean and float in the waves. While you are on the lake, you can tie it to a dock or the back of your boat and hang out with all of your friends on a hot summer day. You can even use it as a tube to float down a lazy river and enjoy the scenery around you. If the current is strong or winds are high, it’s best to tie it to a stationary object for safety considering it’s not a lifesaving device. It’s super simple to inflate and deflate, which makes it convenient for storage and traveling.

Unicorns are Versatile

The unicorn float goes well on its own, but if you have a party, it’s even better. The unicorn float is ideal for a wild bachelorette party. Showing up with all its glitter and glory, the unicorn float won’t disappoint in taking the party to the next level. You can even get multiple unicorn floats for each member of the party to have an experience you will never forget. However, the unicorn float isn’t just all about the party life. It’s the perfect float for a chill day at the pool or at the beach. It’s big enough to relax on and enjoy a drink or read a good book. Aslo, unicorn floats are perfect for the family. Get the bigger unicorn floats for the adults, and match it with baby unicorn floats for the kids. Unicorn floats are here for all of the family fun.

Summer is Here

Show up to summer with some of the most iconic and luxurious pool floats out there. The unicorn float is full of personality to show off a little bit of your wild side. It is also perfect for those relaxing days while you sit back and soak up the sun. It’s stable build makes it easy to sit on and its reinforced cup holder gives you the perfect spot for your drink. Make your summer magical with a glitter unicorn float this summer.

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