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Can Eleven Dollars Make a Difference?

Each Sunday, I want to take a step away from daily politics and focus on someone who has done extraordinary things or who we may need to know a little better. This week’s focus is on Frank Siller.

Charities, Non-Profits, and Foundations have gotten their share of bad publicity over the years. The United Way decades ago was the favorite charity partner of many corporations. That was until it was discovered that the effort was a fundraiser for the executives and not the end-user. They cleaned up their act and are now a viable, efficient organization. Black Lives Matter is today’s target of criticism as the organizers and their families are reaping millions while the victims, which were the reason BLM started, received little.

Frank Siller seems to be the model all foundations can aspire to model. Frank started the Stephen Siller Tunnels to Tower Foundation to honor his brother. Stephen was a firefighter with the New York Fire Department on 9/11. Stephen heard the news of the first plane hitting the tower, donned his gear, ran towards the carnage to give aid, and never returned home. Stephen sacrificed his life to save others. Frank now honors his brother’s heroism.

We have all seen the ads. Wives are talking about the day they got word their husband would not be coming home. Hero husbands leaving families behind, either killed in battle or as first responders. We have seen the ad of brave men and women who served this country only to return home missing arms or legs or being disfigured by an exploding IED.

Frank Siller has devoted the last twenty years to helping those survivors of heroes who needed help putting their shattered lives back together. The Tunnels to Towers either pays off the outstanding mortgage for the surviving widow and family or constructs a custom smart house to make life easier for survivors of an accident or assault in the line of duty who has been rendered physically challenged.

T2T has collected over $250M to date and has built dozens of smart homes, and has broken ground of an entire community of 100 homes in Tampa, FL, for victims of battle. The property was donated by an anonymous individual with a huge patriotic heart. T2T is an efficient foundation, and 97% of all funds donated find their way to the end-user.

Under a new program, T2T will now build new mini-homes for homeless veterans. Over 25 veterans commit suicide every day. These homes and the support and counseling they need will help our veterans find their way back into society.

We should not need foundations like T2T, Wounded Warriors, The Gary Sinise Foundation, or Folds of Honor if our government did the right thing and took care of those who gave so much to keep us safe and America free. Our government is inept, and thank God we have people like Frank Siller who step up and fill the void. The people they honor and help are heroes. Frank Siller may not have gone to war or given the ultimate like his brother, Stephen, but he is just as much a hero.

God Bless you, Frank, and keep your mission true and successful.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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