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Socialism: The Cult Of Totalitarianism

The Blue State Conservative

The expansion of socialism is easily traced by following the path through the tombstones of its’ disasters.

Socialists are a totalitarian religious cult that allows no independent thought or personal responsibility.  Psycho-babble is the basis of their existence.  They have no horizons, just day-to-day personal crises. Any discussion quickly devolves into canned responses that rarely address the issue at hand, consequently, there can be no progress towards a meaningful debate or conclusion.

Our Christian societal structure of morality was not supported by all, but its’ values were adhered to for 150 years.  The wealth produced allowed the time and opportunity for the socially ostracized to devolve into the new socialist cults.  The personal insecurities of its adherents have been revealed in new cults such as “Global Warming” and “Social Justice.”

Allowing these neurotics to rule is the last step into the miasma of destruction. Progressives fear and detest democracy as there is no strict order or control of personal interactions.  This fear led to the “hate speech” train that is still arriving at the station.  Their fear of societal rejection is forcibly inserted into our lives, and we suffer continually for it.  There is no depth in their philosophy as depth requires study of the situation which exceeds their abilities.  This is the basis of the fear that breeds their obedience to their betters.

These street believers are easily recognized by their masks which while not affecting the spread of disease, are an excellent indicator of intellectual acuity. They are well employed as street demonstrators. Their backgrounds are an interesting combination of low IQ and low IQ with several letters behind their names, which indicates a high level of educational financial debt owed to normal taxpayers.  This creates a minimal level of credibility for the movements. It is quickly dashed the moment one of these unfortunates steps to the microphone.

The next level of socialism with which we are confronted is the local politician.  Dreams of grandeur regarding his wallet revolve around the next contracts to be awarded in the area.  He has the wherewithal to adjust voting totals quietly and efficiently in his favor.  This is critical for the continuance of the regime.  This local representative is at the beck and call of his betters to conjure up votes and financial support as needed by his national superiors.  His speeches and orders originate from National Socialist headquarters in DC.

The national political scene is the next level of control and the ultimate tableau for viewing the immorality of humanity.  The potential financial rewards are immense for these politicians.  No intellectual ability is required, only the ability to obscure ones’ actions and hide the payoffs is required while unashamedly lying.

The Wall Street banking crowd has pulled the levers of power since 1913.  They finally overwhelmed the bureaucrats and are in total control.  Their ability to print money eliminated any need for confrontations with government.  The only time that the government has shrunk since Woody Wilson was under Warren Harding.  He reduced expenditures by 40%.  The terrible recession after the World War had the country on its’ knees.  Harding reduced spending and taxes.  The “Roaring Twenties” was the result.  We charged forward economically until the bankers pulled money from the US to lend to Germany for reparations payments.  This was another corporately initiated crisis for the little people by the banking set which led to hunger and disease across the country but salvaged Wall Street portfolios.

The current merger of corporate bureaucrats and bankers with government bureaucrats completes the stagnation of the advancements in society.  The elimination of small business ventures by implementation of petty regulations has accelerated the disappearance of innovation in our society.  Eliminating new competition salvages the current profit margins for a few years.  Unfortunately, regression is now inevitable to the point of probable starvation in the USA.  The results of National Socialism are again on the table.  The KGB political police are at their beck and call.  What are the limits tolerable to our citizens?  We shall soon see.

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