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Facts Matter, Unless They’re Bad For Joe Biden: New Analysis By Big Tech Watchdog Exposes Mass Hypocrisy

The Blue State Conservative

Big Tech suppression of right-wing content is obvious to anyone paying attention but is difficult to prove. We see the evidence on our Twitter and Facebook feeds, but the driving forces behind what pops up on our devices are the clandestine algorithms that are meticulously maintained and well-guarded by the information gatekeepers at these leftist companies. The results we see are hidden within the programming used to spit out what we consume on these sites.

Censorship, however, is different from suppression, though equally problematic. And censorship is measurable.

A terrific recent examination of this issue by The Media Research Center focused on the censorship of unfavorable content concerning President Joe Biden, and their findings were disturbing, though not surprising. Not only has Big Tech been silencing Biden’s detractors, they’ve been doing so with remarkable regularity.


“[The Media Research Center] found more than 640 examples of bans, deleted content and other speech restrictions placed on those who criticized Biden on social media over the past two years. This included 140 cases of Big Tech censoring people over the New York Post’s bombshell Hunter Biden story in late 2020.”

The shutting down of the Hunter Biden laptop story has received the most attention of such censorship, and for good reason. Big Tech and the mainstream media put their thumbs on the scale of the 2020 election by halting the story and quite possibly changing the election’s outcome. While many continue to focus on voter fraud and the possibility that the election was “stolen,” one could strongly argue that the real fixing that happened with the 2020 Election was with this tyranny from Big Tech and the media.

But their treachery isn’t limited to merely Hunter’s laptop.

According to the MRC’s report, Big Tech also “axed those who blamed the current inflation crisis on Biden,” and even shut down those “who dared to call out Biden’s notoriously creepy, touchy-feely behavior around women and children.”

Their authoritarianism doesn’t merely target unfolding storylines and debatable interpretations, they’re going after anything they feel like shutting down. Joe Biden is bad at his job? Shut up! Biden is a weird dude? Be quiet! Biden is corrupt and so is his family? That does it, we’re shutting down your account!

Yet as bad as this analysis looks for Big Tech – and for our freedom of speech as a result – the picture looks even bleaker when we consider the context. MRC’s analysis only took into consideration the censorship of material relating to Joe Biden. What would those numbers look like if they included criticisms of Vice-President Kamala Harris? And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? And Senate Leader Chuck Schumer? How many times has Pro-Life content been crushed?

Assaults like these on the First Amendment and our freedom of speech may be the single greatest threat to our country right now. As news broke yesterday about Elon Musk’s imminent purchase of Twitter, many of us let out sighs of relief. Censorship at Twitter may indeed be coming to an end, and none too soon.


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Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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