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Dem Voters Take Aim At Their Own Party

Several “high-information” Democratic voters compared members of their own party to “weak animals” in a focus group meant to help liberals in the midterms, Politico reported.

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake conducted the focus group as part of an effort to figure out how to raise liberal and independent turnout in November, Politico reported. She said the voters described Democratic politicians as sheep, cats, weasels and chickens, as well as “skittish mice,” and “slow moving” bears.

“The Democrats tend to get characterized by weak animals,” Lake said. “And the Republicans tend to get characterized by aggressive predators.”

While the participants acknowledged that they viewed Biden as “decent” and unifying,” they said he “gives in too easily,” “needs to be stronger” and is “old, slow, and misspeaks a lot,” Politico reported. Addressing inflation was also a priority, with every voter raising their hand when asked if they had personally been shocked by how high prices were.

Lake said the Biden administration needs to show it’s working towards finding solutions to the American public’s problems, rather than perpetuate the idea it’s doing nothing at all, Politico reported.

“There’s just gonna be sucky things out there all the time,” one Biden voter said in the focus group, Politico reported. “So I’m resigned to the fact that that’s going to be life.”

Lake advised that the voters in her research responded more positively to smaller bills that were easy to understand, as opposed to bills like the Build Back Better Act.

“People can’t figure out what’s in it,” Lake told Politico of Biden’s previous big package legislation. She added she does not believe it’s the culture wars driving people away from the Democratic Party, but instead “the lack of a resonant economic message.”

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