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Awful Details Emerge In Lawsuit Claiming Vax-Status Bullies Led To Suicide Of Chicago Teen

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Coming out of the New York Post is the horrible story of a fifteen-year-old who eventually killed himself after relentless bullying from pro-vax classmates who alleged the deceased was not vaccinated against Covid. Nate Bronstein, a teenager who attended the $40,000 per year Latin School of Chicago, was found dead this past January.

A lawsuit was filed shortly after his death, and goes into remarkable detail about how often both the parents and now-deceased child attempted to reconcile the bullying over the false rumors of him not being vaccinated against Covid. Defendants in the suit include the school, some employees of the school, and even a few parents of the alleged bullies.

The New York Post detailed the effort undertaken to remedy the situation:


“Nate actually had been vaccinated, the lawsuit claims, but he was still harassed on a regular basis due to his perceived status. The boy’s parents, Robert and Rosellene Bronstein, even reached out to the other student’s family about the constant badgering, the suit claims.

But the harassment only worsened — with Nate being told by a teacher in class that he was going “nowhere in life,” according to the lawsuit.

The teen was also cyberbullied on Snapchat, where another student urged him to kill himself in mid-December, the suit claims.

Nate met with a school administrator at that point, but none of the students involved in the cyberbullying were disciplined, his parents allege.

Rosellene Bronstein had also contacted a counselor about the bullying, saying she feared her son may hurt himself, but the school downplayed her concerns as “family issues,” the lawsuit claims.

Nate’s mother contacted the school more than 30 times in October and November alone, but administrators allegedly turned a “blind eye” to the family’s pleas for help. The teen also reported the bullying to a school dean, but was disregarded, according to the lawsuit.”


Tragically, Nate was found by his father hanging from a noose in the bathroom.

This is an awful story, but its telling brings to light several huge issues in contemporary society. First, this is the result of dehumanizing those who chose not to get the novel and rushed genetic therapies offered by Big Pharma. We shouldn’t be surprised that a boy was targeted by his peers and bullied over vaccination status; even  adults declining the jab have faced unrelenting attacks for over an entire year at this point. Shame on everyone that pushed such false and damaging narratives.


Secondly, why was this student still at the school? There is a willful ignorance on the part of most American parents about the true nature of school. Nothing needs to be said about government-run schools – those are beyond salvation. And if anyone still thinks those are wholesome places I can’t even waste my words for them anymore. 

Private schools, though, are often just as corrupt. Woke ideology has dominated the education development centers in universities for decades, and the same people that create private institutions often passed through them. They are no different than the public school monsters, except parents fork over mortgages with a smile to have their kids indoctrinated.

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