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Who Had The Best ‘Take’ On Biden’s SOTU Address?

The Blue State Conservative

Someone asked me if I watched Joe Biden’s State of the Union last night. I said no, I’m up to speed on the State of the Union (almost daily). I don’t need to waste valuable time listening to disconnected elites mumbling political fantasy.

Life is too short.

That’s why I don’t watch debates or States of the Union, most political speeches, or TV news. It’s not that I don’t like to be entertained or amused. Good fiction is hard to find, so why strain my eyeballs on any of that refuse?


I don’t watch live sports either. Speeding through a post mortem (the highlights) leaves me a lot of time for other pursuits. Blogging, perhaps. Not watching it all (my life is never any different when that happens).

But enough stalling. Biden’s SOTU won’t age well. It isn’t wine or cheese though there was whining and was cheesy. And the best thing that could happen is if people forget it, but the internet never forgets. And what Biden did, sold to America as the State of our Union, has created something unexpected. A sense of unity … about just how bad it was (so bonus points to me for missing it).

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, who loves the sound of his voice more than his crackhead son or the bastard grandchild of a stripper, had already inflicted the second longest opening address in the history of this nation with a 2021 marathon address that killed more brain cells than meth.

Like the star of a slasher movie sequel, Biden Jr., returned to ramble through a worse sequel, but kept it down to a mere hour and two minutes of torture. The two minutes are significant because when you have to endure the Vogon poetry of word salads, non-sequiturs, mumbles, grumbles, malapropisms, and random interjections, 120 extra seconds is an eternity.

During those 3,720 seconds of  lies, fearmongering, and malapropisms, Biden took credit for defeating COVID, Putin, and the English language. While viruses and nations can’t be defeated with hot air, English never stands a chance once Biden’s mouth gets its slimy tongue on it.

That’s Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage, and it’s one of the best takes on the SOTU speech I’ve found. Sarcastic, brutally honest, and profoundly insightful. And informative.

In a USA Today poll, the top response from registered voters asking what they want Biden to do in the next year was, “resign, retire, or quit”. Only 5% wanted him to tackle infrastructure, 3% wanted him to address health care, and only 3% were interested in global warming.

Joe Biden, an aged, doddering denizen of DC, has been disconnected from reality all of his adult life. Politics has separated him from the real world. He’s got no clue, and that was before he lost what few marbles he had. Absent those, creepy Joe is the shell into which younger, incredibly disconnected ideologues stuff stale moistened policy biscuits as if Biden were their Christmas Goose.

Nothing Democrats are focused on – if Biden’s puttering nonsense is an actual accounting of that – is of interest to real Americans. So the State of the Union Speech was, if anything else, as clear a statement as can be made, that Democrats, in the person of Joseph Biden, ar least suited to represent their interests.

That’s where we are as a nation. And unless we wrest back control first of the process by which our interests are reflected in the people we elect, we shall continue to remain in this state until the wheels come all the way off the bus and we’re left stranded by the roadside of history while Joe Biden and Democrats blame – as is their habit – everyone but the someone who was “driving” the bus.


An electric bus in need of a gas generator boost with unicorns and pixies on the side of it and a sign that says welcome to utopia.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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