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The 50 Best Coding Bootcamps for 2022

“Coding Bootcamps” offer a focused, time-efficient, less-expensive way to break into programming as a career. These camps are offered by private as well as public institutions and do in months what a traditional degree program takes years to accomplish.

College Consensus, a unique college ratings website that aggregates publisher rankings and student reviews, has published its ranking of the 50 Best Coding Bootcamps for 2022.

For aspiring and professional computer programmers, coding bootcamps offer an incredible opportunity to receive immersive and intensive training in computer languages, technologies, and programs.

“The popularity and expansion of coding bootcamps has skyrocketed in recent years,” says founder Jeremy AlderTweet this

Coding bootcamp enrollment rates have increased tenfold in recent years—and it’s no surprise why. Bootcamps compare competitively to bachelor’s degrees, take substantially less time to finish, and boast high job placement rates, an enticing incentive for any programmer.

“In the fraction of the time it takes to get a degree – and a fraction of the cost – boot camp students can be on the path to a significant income while evading large student loans,” says College Consensus Managing Editor Carrie Sealey-Morris.

Bootcamps average about $14,000 and 14 weeks in length.

To calculate The 50 Best Coding Bootcamps for 2022, College Consensus editors surveyed multiple trusted coding bootcamp review sites to create individual Consensus Scores for each program. These programs were then ranked from highest to lowest Consensus Score.

The Top 10 Best Coding Bootcamps for 2022 are:

  1. LearningFuze
  2. Code Platoon
  3. Yellow Tail!
  4. Coding Temple
  5. Zip Code Wilmington
  6. Codesmith
  7. Rithm School
  8. Codeworks
  9. Tech Elevator
  10. Juno College of Technology

Visit the ranking to see the full list of 50 bootcamps.

“The popularity and expansion of coding bootcamps has skyrocketed in recent years,” says College Consensus founder Jeremy Alder. “That being said, the internet is brimming with misinformation about coding bootcamps. For students looking to cut through the noise, our ranking offers a more holistic view of each program’s reputation and quality. It’s a great place to start for any student looking for a quality coding bootcamp education.”

In addition to offering an innovative approach to college and graduate school rankings, College Consensus also offers expert advice and guidance on all aspects of college life, from finding the perfect college, to getting accepted, paying for it, applying to and attending graduate school, and finding a professional path after graduation.

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