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Pros and cons of digital technology

Digital technology has made our daily tasks quite easy to do and also provide with different ways of entertainment and earning. Digital technology is useful in different areas like in business, education, recreation, transportation and communication. Digital advancements have connected the whole world as now the world is a global village and people are closely connected to each other via electrical means of communication.

Not only for common people technological advancements are also quite helpful for governments as they help them manage public affairs in a more effective manner. Most of the government’s data is analyzed and stored via digital means due to which relevant data can be extracted in seconds . Many tasks of public offices are done through online networks like registration of traffic licences can be done online not only local affairs but also intra state affairs are handled online like drivers can register their DOT number IOWA in any corner of state. There are many other pros of digital media .

Pros of digital technology

Digital media has many benefits but one of its biggest advantage is ease of connectivity as we can communicate with each other in any corner of the world at any time via video and audio calling system. This has boomed intra cultural and intra state socialization as instagram, facebook and other social media platforms have brought the world together.

Moreover, speed of communication has also increased substantially due to digital technology as in old times mail was sent by means of rails and by hand which can take days to reach their destination. But now mail and other documents can be sent to each other in a flash of time through digital mailing.

Portability of technology and

As digital technology is easy to access because digital devices are portable to carry and becoming smaller day by day. That is why one can access digital technology everywhere. It is easy to store large amounts of data on a little chip which is easy to carry and transport from one device to another.

Various options of Entertainment

Not only with work digital technology has also provided the public with various means of entertainment like gaming, television and online shopping. As people can entertain themselves by just pressing a button and don’t have to spend lots of money on movie tickets. Online shopping is also a means of entertainment in leisure time as you can choose to buy your favorite product with the help of digital devices.

Cons of digital technology

Even though there are many advantages of digital technology it also comes with a bunch of problems and one of the main problems is the issue of data security as your data can be hacked and get leaked which can cause lots of complications. Another big negative is the issue of growing isolation as people are spending more and more time on digital networks due to which social structure is suffering and people are becoming more distant to each other.

Modern technologies are providing many people with easy money earning options but at the same time latest advancements like growing popularity of vending machines are snatching job opportunities from them as more and more work is being done with the help of technology.


As we know that technology is now an integral part of our lives and we are dependent on it in order to perform even trivial daily tasks like doing laundry. But there is a need to keep use of technology in check as it is slowly overtaking our lives and making us dependent. One of the most disturbing aspects of technological advancement is the invention of humanoid robots as there are speculations that they have a tendency to do tasks even better than humans and that they can replace human workforce in near future because they can be more beneficial than humans as there will be no need to feed and pay them.

There is a need to limit technological advancements as well despite the fact that they are quite useful for us. There is a need to devise rules and regulations in order to make sure that technological advancements cannot prove to be harmful to the human race in future.

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