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Here’s an Easy Way to Reduce the Pain at the Pump

You already know that keeping your tires properly inflated and your air filter clean can get the most mileage from the gas you buy, but what if we told you that you could also get 25 cents per gallon back on gas and even get an additional 20 cents for your next fill-up? Well, you can and it is 100% free.

How to Get Money Back for Filling Up

All you have to do is go to Get Upside using that link and join, download the app and start earning cash back when you fill up at participating gas stations and convenience stores. The money is put into your Get Upside account so that you can withdraw it when you want. And, you can Use code AFF20 for a one-time $0.20/gallon bonus on your first purchase!

Get Upside is not a Discount App

Get Upside does not directly save you money at the pump, but instead pays you for buying fuel at gas stations that offer cash back through the app. The app helps you by showing you nearby stations and the amount of money back you will get per gallon for buying at them.

Get Upside Also Pays You to Buy Groceries and Eat Out

The Get Upside app also has participating restaurants, convenience marts, and grocery stores that offer cash back for shopping or eating there. This is a relatively new offering so the number of stores and eateries isn’t as large as the number of gas stations offered.

It’s Kind of Like an Accidental Savings Plan

In the same way that a coin jar can slowly add up to serious cash, your Get Upside balance will just keep growing the more you use stations, stores and restaurants that participate. Just let the balance build up and before long, there might be enough to help with a tight budget or to treat yourself.

The company says that cash back rewards can take up to 10 days to process, but 2-3 days seems to be more typical.

How to Use Your Cash Back Balance

You can have the money direct deposited into your bank account, Paypal account or receive a check, but there are minimum amounts to avoid fees:

  • Paypal balance: $1 fee for cash out under $15
  • Bank Deposit: $1 fee for cash-out less than $10

You may also use your balance on a gift card at participating retailers. This option has no fees from Get Upside, but some cards do have a minimum balance required to transfer.

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