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Disgusting: DNC Chair Says GOP Reps Need To Be “Potty Trained”

The Blue State Conservative

The what-if game is pretty easy to play here. Can you imagine if Donald Trump had ever suggested that someone like AOC, who is literally a child in her thinking and worldview, needed to be potty trained? The fascistic media-government apparatus would have accused him of sexism and misogyny for months and the pussy-hat brigade would have dusted off their pink headgear and marched to the nearest Starbucks for a calming cinnamon-dusted mocha latte.

Oh, and AOC would have accused Trump of crushing on her and her boyfriend’s pasty feet. 

It is not hard to envision a world where any disparaging comment would have been taken out of context and blown up for maximum sheeple effect. If the intended target were, gasp, a person of color, then r-r-r-acism (!) would have been the charge of the day.


However, flip the script and no one cares. In fact, it’s self-evident that the unholy fascistic alliance between corporate media and the leftist political class appreciates such a metaphor. But first, here is the comment in question, a tweet from DNC chair Jaime Harrison.

“After Joe Wilson’s ‘You Lie’ embarrassment a few years ago you would have thought the GOP would have potty trained their unruly toddlers but I guess after last night’s disrespectful antics some of the toddlers have become juvenile delinquents.”

For the record, Harrison is black. And he cast aspersions at two white women. Just saying. Of course, he ran out of characters to call Boebert and Taylor-Greene both Karens, which has become an anti-white slurs. Again, for comparison, imagine if we called all overweight, loud black women K’Neishas. Would that be allowed? You’re such a K’Neisha! (For the record, I support calling white, low-IQ, wine-drunk liberal vaccine and mask fanatics Karens. That’s absolutely true and appropriate.)

I want to posit this, though: Would a comparison to Harrison’s tweet ever exist? Does the conservative/GOP side have anyone who writes and says such gross and low-brow commentary? Potty training toddlers? This is the nominal head of the Democrat Party – and he called out his competition for being bed-wetting babies. 

You’re right, though, Joe, let’s all unite around Ukraine! Go unity! These people are as classless as they are stupid.


One final thought: Where was this guy when Pelosi ripped up Trump’s last SOTU speech? This is my new benchmark for decorum. A search through his Twitter came up empty, and likely with good reason. He surely deleted comments on proper etiquette in the House Chambers considering Nancy Pelosi’s childish (she’s a grandmother, for crying out loud and third in line to the White House) behavior is far more reprehensible than holding the acting president to account. 

A little perspective is in order. Two congresswomen shouted during a speech. One president is ripping up the Constitution. I’ll tell you where my priorities lie.

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