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Trust, etc

Life has taught me to be extremely careful in placing my trust in anyone or anything. So, I think long & hard before placing myself in such a commitment that could result in disillusionment.

For several years now I have been aware of Alex Berenson (Unreported Truths) & his posting of covid information. His info has always been proven to be correct & supported by further research. As a result, the majority of my covid info comes from Alex, I trust him. So how is one who seems to be the harbinger of truth treated?

Well, Alex has taken Twitter to court (Berenson v Twitter Inc. District Court, N.D. California) for restricting his freedom of speech & in doing so violating all our rights to info. It’s a huge fight & Alex could use a thumbs up from us, encouragement in a big battle is critical.

What about that bright light, the “Freedom Movement,” every day I see people on the world stage protesting for freedom & the left has reached the point of panic. Their basic tools of white supremacy, racism, fascists are not working for them. These people in the streets know who is standing up next to them & those people are none of the above, they are just citizens tired of being controlled by govt who want their basic rights of Freedom back.

No one would be successful in vilifying these people & governments know it. All they have left is force & for them to take that step is a dangerous one for people are wide awake in opposition to governments’ need for control. They can do away with all the mandates, give us our Freedoms back but the one thing they will never have is our trust in them governing us, they have rightfully lost that.

I feel the urge to make a prediction. This covid thing is dying, it threw us some big ones, we adjusted & survived now all covid has left is making us feel lousy like ya got a cold & it goes away. Any variant from this point will even lessen the effect on us. We not only have reached the point of herd immunity; we have lessened the danger of covid in the future. Now I wait for the govt to come out with a declaration on how ‘their policies & leadership” defeated covid. Reality is, nature defeated covid during natural events, that’s what nature does, it heals.

Although, the ultimate protection is each of us taking care of our health. Check out Zinc, Vit C, D3, K2, eating fruits, eating healthy, (there is a lot of info out there on what to take) the one thing we can rely on is if you take care of your body, it will take care of you, all common sense. Ok, that’s my words of wisdom for today, now for some fun:

We hear rumbles of Hillary Clinton entering the Presidential race. That is how desperate they have become & it leaves me with one question. What are they going to do if the one person who started all this “America First,” stuff enters the Presidential race? What will happen if the decision for Americans to make is Trump or Clinton?

That is their worse fear which will result in the total unraveling of all their efforts to control the country. The bottom line, they lose, America wins, now that’s a good prediction!!

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Frank D. Lovell

A 74-year-old conservative writer from Florida.

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