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The Red Wave: Coming Soon

Midterm elections are getting closer each day. We, as American voters, have to start thinking about who will run our states better; Republican or Democrat leaders? Yes, we have independent candidates who run every election as well, but all they do is split the conservative vote. That is a discussion for another day. 

When we look at the red states who have kept a lot of their businesses, schools and public venues open, we notice how much happier citizens are in those states. Taking a look at the blue states, we see how miserable, locked up and scared of the virus many of them are. It seems pretty obvious to conservatives who the correct vote would be for, but what about left-leaning voters? 

A woman by the name of Jennifer Reesman is, and always has been, a proud Democrat. She is a single mother who lives in one of the bluest counties in the nation. As we close in on the third year of this pandemic, Jennifer realizes that she has to vote against the Democratic leaders. 

“I can’t look my kid in the eye and say I care about your education and vote for the Democrats right now,” Jennifer Reesman said, according to The Christian Science Monitor

Jennifer Reesman is not the only one starting to think that their party (the Democrat party) has failed them. According to research by Gallup, about 49% of American adults identified as Democrat or leaned Democrat while only 40% identified Republican or leaned Republican. The Democrats went from a 9-point advantage to the Republicans swinging it to a 5-point Republican lean in the year of 2021. 

Like Jennifer Reesman, many parents, even Democrat-leaning, are finding that their children are not getting a good education and even being treated poorly in their government-funded schools with restrictions due to COVID-19. This is a big topic that perks the ears of parents in our nation and one that helped Glenn Youngkin, newest Governor of Virginia, to pull out ahead in the last stretch of his gubernatorial race. 

With self-identified Democrats leaning Republican within the past year, is this finally the year for the Republican Party to have a large majority in the Senate and even across individual states? It seems that even those on the left are fed up with the lies and restrictions, as they should be. It will take every bit of the conservative movement to show up to the polls in these upcoming elections. 

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