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Six Things Clarified By The Durham Probe

The Blue State Conservative

In this installment of their weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative discuss six conclusions we can draw from the ongoing investigation into the origins of the Russia Hoax by Special Counsel John Durham.

#6: This whole story is intentionally convoluted.

Parker: At this point, there is only one question left to answer: How deep does this go? Unfortunately, there are so many twists, turns, cover-ups, misdirection, and layers to this we might never get to the bottom. There’s also the fact that Durham might not want to or be allowed to ever get there, either. This whole thing is a mess, and the more we learn, the messier it simply gets. All of this means that the lay newsreader can never quite keep up, and even when they do, bits of information are discussed here, obscure and unknown names are dropped over there, and technical aspects are folded in everywhere, ultimately meaning that the Clinton campaign’s operation to lie, cheat, and steal will be given cover by the sheer scope of it all.


Worse yet, pithy summaries don’t do one of the worst scandals in American politics justice. Let me summarize the gist of what happened in one sentence. Hillary Clinton’s campaign, with the help of elected officials, unelected bureaucrats, and paid helpers, both made up and stole information from the Trump campaign (and later Trump administration, it turns out) and leaked it to the press to paint Trump as a Putin lackey.

See the problem here? A short summary doesn’t capture just how much happened (I left a lot out) and going into the required weeds leaves people more confused than when they started. The opposing argument, of course, is that we don’t need to comprehend the full picture to appreciate the scheming and lying by Clinton and her campaign. It should be enough to know that she’s corrupt, a crook, and the evidence against her is almost ironclad. Should be.

#5: The journalistic malpractice and media bias we’ve seen for years is now being dwarfed by the coverage we’re seeing on the Durham Probe.

PF: When Durham submitted his court filing nine days ago, there would have been a media firestorm the likes of which we’ve never seen if the roles had somehow been reversed. Picture it. Imagine if a special counsel had filed court documents alleging that members of the Trump campaign had spied on the Biden campaign, having infiltrated their servers, then fabricated a false narrative which was fed to a gullible and corrupt press, and then they continued that spying even after Biden was inaugurated. The media frenzy would be unparalleled, and rightfully so.

To say that there has been no coverage of this story by the mainstream media would be inaccurate. Most of the outlets have reported on it to some extent, that’s not the issue. It’s the way in which they are trying so hard to downplay the news which is utterly absurd. Their commitment to the magnitude of the story has been tepid, at best.

We’re not talking about reports from anonymous sources, we’re talking about a court filing from a United States Attorney. And we’re not talking about innocuous shenanigans by some low-level campaign staffers, we’re talking about spying with the intent of destroying a candidate/president that was coordinated by some of the top officials in Hillary Clinton’s campaign; a campaign that came very close to victory. If things shake out in the way that it looks like they might, this is indeed a monumental scandal and one which should be on the front page of every paper and the lead story of every newscast.


#4: It makes you wonder what Robert Mueller spent two years investigating.

Parker: It’s easy to forget how loud and incessant the drum banging was for Russian Collusion. Russia, Russia, Russia! Putin’s Puppet! Collusion! Adam Schiff became a household name and his scary, bulging eyes became the butt of countless memes and jokes. Each day, for two straight years, we were assured that the latest revelation would once and for all prove Trump’s guilt. Then he would be impeached…oh wait, they didn’t need a reason to impeach him. Finally, the Mueller Report came out, and Mueller looked and sounded old, feeble, and clueless when presenting the final, fence-sitting report.

And then it just disappeared. Two years. Then nothing. As if it never happened.

Call me naive or misinformed, but wasn’t the point of the Mueller investigation to find out to what extent Russia was involved in the 2016 election and whether or not it actively coordinated with the Trump campaign? According to Wikipedia, that’s exactly what it set out to do: Too bad for Democrats and the lying media, because the “Investigation did not find sufficient evidence that the campaign “coordinated or conspired with the Russian government…”

A bit further down, Wikipedia also has the temerity to pretend that links existed. It said: “It [the Mueller Report] also identifies links between Trump campaign officials and individuals with ties to the Russian government, about which several persons connected to the campaign made false statements and obstructed investigations.”

Did Mueller ever ask or think to ask what those links were? Were they nefarious? Benign? Distorted? Fabricated? As Durham keeps digging, Mueller keeps looking more and more like the worthless puppet we always knew him to be.

#3: Unlike so-many so-called ‘scandals’ that have been generated by the left, the conspiracy that became the Russia Hoax truly is worse than Watergate.

PF: Whenever there was an alleged scandal with Trump, the left and their media would immediately compare it to Watergate. Russian collusion? Worse than Watergate. Trump’s conversation with Ukraine leaders? Worse than Watergate. A Trump Administration official steers business towards a hotel owned by Trump? Worse than Watergate. It got so ridiculous, we had to wonder if those clowns even knew what Watergate was.

Make no mistake: Watergate was a serious, legitimate scandal. Burglars broke into the Democratic National Headquarters in the lead up to the 1972 election, with the intent of aiding the Nixon campaign. And while President Richard Nixon did not have any knowledge of the arranged burglary – an undisputed fact – he was clearly guilty of aiding and abetting the cover-up that ensued. I disagree with those who downplay Nixon’s culpability and the egregiousness of his actions. It was despicable what he did, and he deserved to be disgraced, which he was. However, what happened with the Russia Hoax is orders of magnitude more troublesome than what happened with Watergate.

It seems probable at this point that the perpetrators of the Russia Hoax were helped, at the very least, by members of the Obama Administration, potentially including Obama himself. Additionally, President Biden’s current National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, seems likely to have been involved which leads to questions about Biden, who was Vice-President at the time.

Then consider some of the other names who are almost certainly implicated: James Comey, James Clapper, John Podesta, John Brennan, and likely Hillary Clinton herself. Michael Sussman is just the tip of the iceberg. Sussman is to the Russia Hoax what G. Gordon Liddy was to Watergate. It appears that this was a conspiracy of immense proportions, and one that makes Watergate and Teapot Dome look like child’s play.

#2: Trump can be falsely accused and impeached; Hillary can cheat and aspire to 2024.

Parker: I go back and forth on pointing out the constant hypocrisies. Are they worth commenting on? Are they so obvious as to be moot? But then I always come to the same conclusion: We need to point them out, however big or small, whenever we see them. We must drill this into the low-functioning brains of adults who still vote Democrat. Republicans aren’t perfect – see here for their laydown to Big Pharma – but by comparison to their evil counterparts across the aisle, there’s simply no comparison.

In this case, just look at the dichotomy of Trump and Clinton. The former was accused of cheating and colluding, ultimately leading to an impeachment (they impeached him because they hate him, they hate you and me, and he represented a threat to their power, but same difference in the end) whereas the latter actually cheated and actually colluded – be it Russia or the FBI, CIA, and Obama White House – and she has a chance to run in 2024. This is so backward and upside down it is hard to put into words.

Everything leftists say about their enemies is a projection, and this case could not be a more perfect example. Hillary lies, cheats, and steals – and blames it on Trump.

#1: Depending on where Durham’s probe finally lands, the political fallout from the scandal could be monumental.

PF: So many of the Democrats’ narratives are currently collapsing before our eyes, with Americans recognizing their tyranny. Democrats want us to be terrified of COVID and to live in fear, but no one is buying it anymore. Democrats think teachers should be able to indoctrinate your children with their leftist values, but Americans have said, “enough.” Having the federal government spending money like Hunter Biden on a Vegas cocaine binge indeed has devastating repercussions, such as skyrocketing inflation, and Americans are feeling that pain. And the storyline that the Russia Hoax wasn’t a hoax, and that it started with good intentions, has completely fallen apart.

Democrats are in big trouble not just this coming November, but for the foreseeable future, and the revelations from the Durham Probe could be their biggest problem of all. The problem for the left and their media is that they applied a full-court press on the Trump-Russia collusion farce not just for a few weeks, they pushed it for three years; hard. Every day, and at every turn, it was Russia-Russia-Russia. “Another bombshell!” they told us. “The walls are closing in on Trump!” they insisted. Now we know that not only wasn’t any of it true, instead Hillary, the Democrats, and the media knew they were lying the whole time.

Elections in America, like in most countries, are all about the political center; the folks in the middle that aren’t as committed as the rest of the country. In the U.S., that number is somewhere around 20% of the electorate. While some, if not many, of those independent/undecided voters, don’t particularly care for Donald Trump, they dislike being lied to even more. And considering the scale of the Dems’ lies with the Russia Hoax, and the conspiracy in which they engaged in promoting it, the political backlash from the Durham Probe could be epic.

By the BSC Team

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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