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SCIENCE: Two Of The Biggest, Bluest Cities Announce End Of Mandates

The Blue State Conservative

Two of the biggest and bluest metropolitan areas have heard from their respective – but not respectable – mayors in the past few days that the draconian Covid restrictions placed on citizens is finally coming to an end. What changed? Certainly not Covid.

A few things are possible. First, and quite likely, is the fact that the American ruling class is terrified of a prolonged protest as was seen in Ottawa. Justin Trudeau knew he lost as soon as the trucks arrived. Either he would have to give in to their reasonable demands and drop the unethical, unnecessary, and illogical vaccine mandates or he would have to dig in his heels, thereby looking even more tyrannical and out of touch. It was a lose-lose situation, and he knew it. Not to understate the short-term tragedies, in the long run his ouster as a would-be Fidel is likely a net gain.

Relatedly, Joe Biden and Democrats are sinking rapidly in polls and midterm prospects. As has been obvious for two years, and is now becoming glaringly obvious, the medical science has never changed. Only political science has changed. The disappointing, spineless masses empowered our leaders to get away with literal murder, all because they wanted the safety and comfort of that big government blanket.


So, to no one’s surprise then, Chicago and New York backpedaled on their wholly unscientific mandates that did nothing to slow the spread of Covid. Loser leaders Lori Lightfoot and Eric Adams sensed a change in the winds and acted accordingly. As has been amply revealed, vaccines do not prevent infection, they do not reduce viral load, and they do not prevent the subsequent transmission to others. Masks likewise have always been known to produce limited gains. I can’t say this enough: Covid policies were never about Covid. They were only about control. 

The Chicago Sun-Times had this to say about the reversal:

“Starting this coming Monday, patrons of restaurants, bars and gyms will be free to take their masks off and keep their vaccine cards in their wallets, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady announced at a City Hall news conference Tuesday,” the report noted.

“It’s important for us to recognize this moment for what it is: a huge step forward in our effort to overcome COVID-19,” Lightfoot said. “We would not have been in a position — even a few weeks ago — to be making this kind of announcement today.”

Amazingly, it left intact one crucial and devastating caveat. The Sun-Times also reported:

“Chicago will lift its mask and proof-of-vaccine mandates next week, but Chicago Public School students, teachers and employees must keep their masks on — at least for the time being.”


And in The Big Apple, their own fledgling lunatic mayor made a similar move, as covered by Outkick:

“New York City, of all places, appears ready to phase out its vaccine mandate, if Mayor Eric Adams is to be believed.

During a press conference Wednesday, Adams suggested that New York is ready to begin phasing out the mandates that have been in place since the fall, opening the doors for businesses to serve all customers, regardless of vaccination status.”

Make no mistake, I am glad these things are happening. However, let’s not pretend that anything has changed about Covid. Sadly, confused idiot voters in Chicago and New York will keep voting for their own demise. Today it’s Lightfoot and Adams; tomorrow it’ll be another interchangeable leftist.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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