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Prospects Not Looking Too Shiny In Europe

The Blue State Conservative

Conservative talk shows the last few nights have chewed over the situation in Europe where Russia has now invaded Ukraine. A fair amount of irony hung in the air when Tucker reprised Mitt Romney back in 2012 talking about Russia being a serious threat. That was the one where Obama got laughs by saying the Eighties wanted their foreign policy back.

Cute, Barack, in an adolescent way, but probably not as bad as Joe Biden demonstrating utter incompetence in Afghanistan, and before that encouraging Putin by shutting down our pipeline while in effect underwriting Russia’s. Biden reminds me of no one so much as Neville Chamberlain.

In fact, a whole raft of parallels to WWII can be drawn from the whole situation:


–   Sarah Palin also argued that Russia was a threat to be taken seriously. This was back in 2008 when she added class to John McCain’s lackluster ticket. She got the Churchill treatment: Nobody took her seriously. A lightweight, they said. Behind the times, they said. Curiously, Palin also called for America to “drill here, drill now” for oil and they ridiculed her to no end. If it’s any satisfaction, they did that to Winston, too.

–   Putin argues that Ukraine only exists because of Russia – Russia, he says, created Ukraine. That comes as news to Ukrainians, but Vlad seems to think Ukraine has no right to exist as its own country, only as a vassal of Russia. That’s the kind of thinking Hitler and Stalin engaged in when they partitioned Poland out of existence.

–   Geographically, Ukraine is in almost the identical position Poland was in vis-à-vis the Nazis 83 years ago, surrounded by a modern adversary on three sides with just pitiful means to resist. As happened to Poland then, Ukraine’s calls for help are in vain. Americans rightly point out that we have no dog in that fight and that Europe should fight its own battles. That’s about what the isolationists said back in 1939-40. The real reason for us not helping now by sending tanks and choppers and some jets and missiles is that it’s too late. Oh, yeah, and Joe Biden gave away all our spare stuff to the Taliban.

–    So far, Putin has limited his foreign adventurism to Ukraine, but he has made it clear that he wants to re-establish the Russian empire without the Soviets. If he means that, and he probably does, it would mean he also has covetous eyes on Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, among others.

–   It’s been noted that the Ukrainians are a tough people who will fight even if they get no help from anybody. The Russians know this – in the Soviet conscript Army, NCOs were largely selected from Ukrainians because of their soldierly qualities. At the outset of WWII the Poles, outclassed in men, training, leadership, and materiel, fought courageously against the invading Germans with no hope of winning. That’s just where the Ukrainians stand today vs the Russians.

–   On the other side of the planet a rising Oriental power is rising about like Japan from about 1900 thru the Thirties. China’s attitude toward Taiwan parallels the Russian attitude toward Ukraine, though Taiwan actually has historically been Chinese. As did the Japanese, China will hold off invading Taiwan to see the Western response to events in Europe. Nobody doubts Xi will strike when the mood hits him.


Channeling Neville Chamberlain, Joe Biden talked tough as Putin’s war machine rolled into Ukraine. The Germans cowered in their hausen. The French munched cheese and caviar. British eyes rolled in ennui. Engaged in these pursuits, nobody so much as lifted a finger to help the Ukrainians. To be sure, Vlad did warn against it, and we know enough about the lad to expect him to back up his words if challenged.

If Biden’s intent on becoming president was to set up the world to slide into chaos leading to conflagration, he has done that in spades. America is even weaker today than she was when Obama was bowing to perplexed and unimpressed sheiks in far-off desert sands. Both Obama and Biden seemed to be trying to signal that they were on the side of our adversaries and all the adversaries had to do was sit back and go along. But our adversaries don’t get it. They keep refusing to just play along. They not only want to beat America but to humiliate America.

It remains to be seen if the Democrats are going to leave Joe and America dangling or if they’re going to take him out so they can replace him with – somebody besides Kamala, surely! In fact, this entire administration is loaded with an All Star cast of the most feckless, inept, clueless people in government. The Good Book tells us what’s coming, but this administration is playing its role in a decidedly cartoonish fashion. It’s Joe Biden as Popeye, Kamala as Olive Oyl, and now Vlad’s acting out Brutus.

Mama said there’d be days like this.


Featured photo is an Official White House Photo by David Lienemann, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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