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President Biden Attempts to Convince Americans He’s Lowered Health Care Costs – 2/10/22

President Joe Biden will attempt to tell Americans that his administration has lowered medical costs, despite the newest inflation numbers from the Bureau of Labor statistics showing medical costs continuing to skyrocket.

Biden canceled former President Trump’s order that lowered costs for insulin, only to write another executive order doing exactly the same thing.  Biden basically increased the cost of medicine for diabetics so he could claim to have lowered it.

The only person doing anything to lower prescription costs is Mark Cuban who is using a private-sector solution to remove pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) from the cost chain thereby making medications cost less than even an insurance co-pay amount.

The president is scheduled to speak at 12:30 p.m. EST.

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One Comment

  1. Lame-brained Biden has certainly NOT lowered our health costs!!!! I can no longer afford a very vital medicine I need everyday! I used to pay $47.99 for a 30 day supply, 60 tablets Got a REFILL OF 30 TABLETS THIS YEAR $47.99 I asked why so much they told me to contact my Ins. carrier……Then they filled a 90 day supply—-$(301.00) My share had to refuse the RX as it is way over my head in costs. My insurance Well Care Medicare-advantage now has a yearly deductible before I am even copvered???????????? Hospital stay WENT UP TO $400 A DAY MY SHARE…. Maybe if Joe took his 3 day relaxing weekends off and actually worked (if possible) would see some of the upheaval he has caused this country Inflation on top of this highest in over 40 years, Fuel to drive and heat my house up over 60% this year over pre-Biden era. Get your head out of your AS* Biden! Oh and illegals get it all free! Seniors are on the back burner and this country’s leaders ignore it just like our people in Afghanistan NO MENTION OF IT EVER by this white house…Also the shipping container crisis mum from major fake news ?????????????????????

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