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Pastor Pawlowski arrested for ‘mischief’ again in Canada as he prepared to hold church service with truckers

Pastor Artur Pawlowski has been arrested again, this time at his home in Calgary, Canada as he was preparing to travel to Alberta to hold a church service with truckers involved in the Freedom Convoy.

The arrest occurred on Tuesday, and a video shows a cop saying Pawlowski was “under arrest for mischief.”

The cop accuses Pawlowski of “playing games” by going “dead fish on us” to which Pawlowski replies: “I do not cooperate with Nazis.”

Pawlowski has been targeted by Canadian police over the last two years for opening his church and feeding homeless people during the “pandemic.” This is reported as Pawlowski’s fifth arrest, his fourth arrest coming days before after attending a rally supporting the Freedom Convoy.

Rebel News has followed the Pawlowski story from the beginning and set up a fundraiser for him,

Family members spoke to Rebel News and Pawlowski was able to give a message from jail asking for prayers, and he said “may freedom prevail.”

“There is a huge double standard because they are not arresting other people for these charges it’s only my dad, this pastor,” said Nathaniel Pawlowski, Artur’s son.

Nathaniel said undercover SWAT vehicles had staked out their home in Calgary for hours waiting for Pawlowski to leave.

“I am not calling them police officers anymore because they’re not for us,” said Dawid Pawlowski, Artur’s brother. “They’re against the Canadians. They’re gangsters with badges. I call them cop-holes.”

“They came in and arrested him like he is the biggest terrorist,” Dawid added. “It’s unbelievable. This needs to stop. People need to wake up. He is not a criminal. He is a clergyman.”

Dawid said as soon as his brother stepped outside, the “cop-holes” just ran up and grabbed him. He added: “Christians, where are you?”

Life Site News reported that Calgary police have also gone to Pawlowski’s church to “suppress” and “intimidate” worshippers.

Ezra Levant, Rebel News’ founder, said Pawlowski was headed to the trucker blockade in Coutts, Alberta where truckers and farmers have blocked the border between Montana and Alberta.

“The Calgary police literally arresting a Christian pastor who was planning on speaking to a peaceful protest,” Levant said. “This is not the Canada that you thought you were in. This is an authoritarian Canada that’s verging on a police state.”

Levant added: “This was clearly an attempt to stop him from expressing himself politically to these truckers.”

While eyes have pointed largely towards the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, Canada’s capitol, it has seen support throughout Canada as well as activity in other cities. Truckers have also blocked the Ambassador Bridge, the largest suspension bridge in the world which connects Detroit to Windsor.

As for Alberta, its Premier Jason Kenney has ended “vaccine” mandates as of midnight, according to Life Site News.

“We cannot remain at a heightened state of emergency forever,” Kenney said. “We have to begin to heal. And so, Alberta will move on, but we’ll do so carefully. We’ll do so prudently.”

However, Kenney said his decision is dependent on hospitalizations and he also credited his authoritarian mandate, including “vaccine” passport, for pressuring Canadians into taking a jab whether they wanted it or not.

That means Kenney has not relinquished the authority he’s claimed he’s had and can bring back the mandates at any time thus acting as most every “ruler” around the world and in the United States of America who have claimed to “give freedoms back” and meaning none of them truly believe in freedom, which cannot be given or taken by government.

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