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More Leftist Insanity: About That Trampling Horse In Ottawa… Don’t Worry, The Horse Is OK

The Blue State Conservative

There has been no series of events more indicative of government tyranny in the name of COVID than what we’ve seen with the protest by truckers in Canada over the past several weeks.

Truckdrivers who spend the vast majority of their workdays isolated in their vehicles were mandated to receive the controversial COVID vaccines, and they objected. Since then, the movement has increased in intensity and participants are no longer limited to merely truckdrivers. Arrests have been made, livelihoods have been lost, and bank accounts have been seized. And for what purpose? To force folks to receive a vaccination that doesn’t stop the spread of an endemic virus.

Never mind that government authoritarians in Canada appear to be succeeding in destroying basic human freedoms of their citizens. Pay no attention to the legitimate concerns folks may have about receiving the vaccine, it’s what the government believes that matters. And forget about the permanent damage that’s been inflicted on so many of our neighbors, there are more important things to worry about. Like whether or not a horse was injured during a police crackdown last week. Consider this tweet from the Ottawa Police:

As the police in Ottawa began confronting the protesters (in the name of law and order, perhaps; the purpose is still unclear), horses could be seen trampling some of the protesters. While initial reports of human carnage from the incident were overstated, and no one was in fact killed, the images are still disturbing. It’s also worth noting that the police department’s account that a bicycle was “thrown” at the horse is clearly a lie.

The mindset of the Ottawa police and the peace-loving leftists who have been demanding their despotic actions is indicative of so much of the insanity we see from the left. They disregard our constitutions, our God-given rights, and the fundamental tenets of human decency.

If fellow citizens disagree with your ideas, shutdown their free speech and take their money. In the name of feminism, disregard science and promote the murder of unborn children. And don’t allow individuals to make healthcare choices for themselves, force your priorities into their veins, with the government’s gun as motivation if necessary.

For the record, I love horses. The Kentucky Derby is one of the most enjoyable sports events of the year. The movie Seabiscuit is one of my favorites. And I love watching reruns of that show from the 1960s, Mr. Ed… but then, who doesn’t? But when it comes to police militarism and government suppression, I’m more concerned about humanity. So, please leftists, save your pearl-clutching and animal rights activism for another day, and try to focus on what’s being done for the best interests of our fellow human beings.


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Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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