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Florida House Passes Bill To Limit LGBTQ Discussions In Schools

Florida’s House of Representatives passed a bill banning classroom discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade Thursday.

The legislation also restricts any age-inappropriate discussions of sexuality and gender identity throughout Florida schools and strengthens parental consent measures.

If passed, the bill would block school districts from creating rules that discourage employees from notifying or involving parents in decisions affecting the mental, emotional and physical health of their children, except in cases of possible child abuse or neglect.

School districts would be required to notify parents of any healthcare services offered at their schools and provide an option to withhold consent to any services. Schools would also need parental consent before giving students kindergarten to third grade health screenings or well-being questionnaires

The bill still needs to be passed by the state Senate and signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has been supportive, Reuters reported.

Opponents of the legislation have called it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, a phrase that was quickly parroted by numerous news outlets.

The measure comes after reports of a 12-year-old girl in Florida attempting suicide after her school attempted to “transition” her to a male identity without notifying her parents. The phenomenon of teachers and school employees secretly “transitioning” children without notifying parents inspired a public-interest law firm to initiate a massive lawsuit in December.

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  1. This type of legislation is needed in many more states that have schools where teachers seem to think they can teach whatever the heck they feel like to young children, things that are inappropriate for them to hear or learn and expect the parents not to complain. Good going, Florida.

  2. This issue is slowly, but surely making it into the mainstream of the culture. One major problem is the experts on the anomaly have chosen to remain silent for unknown reasons. Depening on your own take on the topic, you are either sympathetic to the gender dysphoric person and you want to see that person achieve ther goal of transitioning to the opposite gender. However, the other point of view is very prevalent in the culture. Many people believe many of the gender ambivalent people have been encouraged to go through gender transition even if the individuals are not certain whether their thoughts and feelings are their own, or they have been unreasonably influenced by those who act like social justice warriors and overtly encourage adolescents to go for the opposite gender.

    We hear how adolsecents tend to exhibit signals about rejecting their birth gender, and, in many cases, do so for the attention they get out of the process.

    America needs to be informed about this phenomenon and whether it is being sensationalized due to pressure from peer groups on vulnerable adolescents (and younger) individuals.

    Too many people are reported to be rejecting their birth genders. It seems to be a phenomenon and is feeding a frenzy among our youth. Authorities, like those reported in Texas, need to try to reign in this tragic phenomenon.

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