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BREAKING: Watch As Canadian Police Begin Making Arrests On Freedom Convoy Protestors And Journalists

The Blue State Conservative

I can’t believe I am saying this, but thank goodness for Twitter right now. Were it not for the social media giant, what coverage would we have of the weeks-long freedom protest in Canada right now? Even Tucker Carlson often has to resort to playing a video in his monologues from a random handle.

Now, this doesn’t exonerate the conservative-hating Big Tech behemoth. And this fact certainly puts anyone who values truth and freedom in a bind. We cannot trust corporate media, but how long until the fascistic collusion between government and Silicon Valley rears its ugly CCP head and memory holes anything not approved by the party?

The way things are going in Canada, apparently not very long. Although the video is allowed to exist in the cloud, boots on the ground say differently. Watch this first video as Canadian officers arrest a journalist simply for trying to report on developments in Ottawa:


This arrest will be sanctioned by a tweet sent out by Ottawa Police, who declared that any zone current;y being attempted to be cleared would be a no-go zone for reporters. This is the opposite of civil liberties. No movement? No truth?

Arrests of journalists are just a portion of the dictatorial chaos. In another video, watch as riot gear-clad police start to move in on the wholly peaceful crowd of people just demanding an end to mandates. Instead of recognizing that neither science, logic, nor reality justify government-sanctioned vaccine mandates, Trudewa sent in the troops:

In a separate video, watch as hordes of police move in to break up a crowd and initiate arrests:

And it just keeps getting worse. (Let’s be honest, it’s all “worse.” This whole crackdown portends the very real possibility of a dystopian future.) Watch as this younger-looking man takes a beating from police:

Here’s another. In the background, you can hear a few protesters shouting to “hold the line” and “you’re going to have to arrest me” in the sea of yellow-jacketed police:

Oh, and now they break into protesters’ vehicles too:

These videos, just a handful of what is available on Twitter, capture the fascistic and mindless drones simply “following orders” from Tyrant Trudeau. In a bizarre twist, the people most likely to support the police not long ago against the seemingly-radical “Defund the Police” crowd are now the target of intense, brutal, and unrelenting arrests by them. Although Black Lives Matter wanted to defund them for different reasons, it is becoming harder and harder to support a government body whose sole purpose is to enforce the whims of tyrants. Are the police in Canada protecting and serving the public right now – or are they simply doing the bidding of a fascist fool?

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