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WUT? CDC Demands Area Secured After Truck Carrying Monkey’s Crashes in PA

Update: As of Sunday morning, officials say that all of the monkeys were accounted for. Three of the monkeys were euthanized for unknown reasons.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) instructed authorities Friday night to secure an area around a crash that involved a truck carrying “a few hundred monkeys” some that escaped into Pennsylvania, according to an NBC report.

“Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Andrea Pelachick confirmed the hunt for the escaped monkeys in Montour County’s Valley Township, but wasn’t able to say how many were loose.”

The vehicle involved was following a hundred monkeys, and when the crash occurred a handful of monkeys got out,” she said.

By itself, the story, so far, seems harmless. Sure a few cute, cuddly monkies escaped … so what? Then, the CDC got involved:

“Authorities were instructed to secure the area for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, she said.

Asked if the missing monkeys had any health issues, the trooper said it wasn’t clear.

In the current perma-scare environment caused mostly because of CDC failures to act and/or communicate, this is… not a good look.

Details are sparse, but Pennsylvania State Trooper told reporters that they are “asking everyone to stay to stay away from the monkeys,” and that “If they see one, call 911 immediately and get away from the monkey.”


As of Saturday night, one monkey has continued to evade authorities. And officials have confirmed that the animals are “lab monkeys.”

Who remembers “Outbreak”?

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  1. If this article reveals details of how the CDC (and perhaps other government-funded programs) ships animal subjects used in potentially dangerous disease-vector research experiments, some reporter should be digging deep, because this could be the tip of a very ugly iceberg!

  2. WHY is the CDC involved in this? Do they know something that the public does not about these monkeys?
    If these monkeys are carrying some type of _____________(fill in the blank) the public has the right to know, don’t you think?

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