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Ok, Build Back Better is in trouble thanks to two Patriotic Democrats, I knew there had to be Patriot Democrats who realized the seriousness of what is happening in America.

Although there are many moves being made against America the most pressing is election integrity. Now we have Joe telling us about how he will not flinch, will not waver, in his support of the Democrat’s effort for “election integrity,” & will fight all enemies of America, foreign & yes domestic. I’m sorry, I hate to generalize but this guy has lied to us every step of the way from day one about everything.

All efforts of Democrats involving our elections are to basically gain control of them & control of America. They refuse to clear inaccurate info in the voter registration lists of the 50 states assuring us of an accurate count. They, at their very core, are against voter ID which is merely a way of assuring the person voting is an American citizen. On these two issues, there is no debate they admit their position.

Now they are attempting to take the authority over elections away from the States & impose federal regulations, conditions on the election process. In doing so they would have the power to grant voting rights to illegal immigrants, also allowing mail-in ballots from anyone (much different than absentee ballots which are always verified.) Mail-in ballots are important to them because when an election isn’t going their way, they figure out how many votes they need to win & suddenly, the polls are counting the arriving “mail-in ballots.” This is how one party gains control over a country, yes it has happened before, that’s why we have this problem today.

We are living through a historic period in America, for the first time a political party is being used to destroy the Republic we live in. Do nothing & they win, years later when people ask how could America have been destroyed? The historically recorded answer will be, A lot of Americans didn’t believe it was happening, they went about their lives as their republic was being destroyed all around them.

Pay attention to what goes on in Washington regarding the elections, if the federal govt gets control over our election process we will no longer have a say on what happens in America. The federal govt will decide what we can and cannot do, it will be clear to all who the King is, in socialists & communist countries it’s called “The State.” America will be gone & we will be ruled by the federal govt, “The State.”

What can you do? Get involved in your local politics, assure Patriots are being elected to public office & vote out those who refuse to stand up & put America First, we need our States to be strong. Most critical, talk with people, make them aware of what is going on, ask them to be active.

Frank D. Lovell
American Patriot
Free State of Florida

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Frank D. Lovell

A 74-year-old conservative writer from Florida.

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