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Knuckleheads Of The Week: Gen Z Protesters On Hunger Strike, And You’ll Never Guess Why

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Once again, we had several candidates for the week’s top knucklehead, with the primary competition coming from our esteemed Commander-in-Chief once again. President Joe Biden had a press conference for the ages on Wednesday and seemed hellbent on being named KOTW for the second consecutive week, something that has never happened. With Biden’s buffoonery becoming tiresome – and with the possibility of simply declaring Biden as Knucklehead of the Century and being done with it – we decided to honor Sleepy Joe with just an Honorable Mention this week, and to opt instead for some misguided college kids.

Winner: Gen Z activists continue “hunger strike” for… wait for it… passage of voting rights bill.

College kids are passionate. Such is the case with every generation. But college kids can also be knuckleheads, and I speak from personal experience. During my time in college, particularly around the time when my grade point average and blood alcohol level were intersecting, one of the issues of the day that got me fired up was “Free Tibet.”

I had my t-shirt with the psychedelic colors, I sent a $10-donation to some organization, and I was all-in on Tibetan liberation. But as my intake of beer and cannabis declined, and as I began to pay taxes and recognize the reality of government, my priorities shifted. I had clarity. I still care about Tibet, but there are issues that are much more important to me, and my naiveté has been replaced with pragmatism. Hopefully the same will happen with these young folks.

A couple of dozen twenty-somethings began their protest last week in Washington, D.C., and are calling it their “Hunger Strike for Democracy.” They’re camped outside of the Capitol Building and are demanding that the Senate pass the voting rights bill (aka the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act), something that is not going to happen.

In a nutshell, the voting rights bill is nothing more than an attempt to seize sovereignty from the states and hand control of voting processes and laws to the federal government. It’s a proposal that represents federal tyranny at its worst. As presently constituted, the bill would essentially eliminate any involvement by the states in determining how their citizens vote and how those votes are tallied, and it would significantly weaken protections against voter fraud. And herein lies the appeal for Democrats, the ones seeking to pass this bill: It’s not that they don’t care about voter fraud, they covet it.

Election integrity is irrelevant to Democrats, but their power is paramount. The voting rights bill isn’t designed to protect our “Democracy” as the protesters contend, it would do the precise opposite. It would diminish it. Democrats count on the inexperience and ignorance of young folks like the hunger strikers to buy into their BS and do their bidding, and that’s exactly what’s happening with these well-meaning youngsters.

There are two aspects of this protest that are particularly telling of its futility. First is the utter disinterest of the mainstream media in the story, none of them are covering it. And the second aspect is the identity of the one outlet that is covering the story: Fox News. Go to a search engine, type in “hunger strike,” and see what comes up. The New York Times, NBC, CBS, ABC, and the Washington Post will be nowhere to be found.

Our mainstream media – which is another name for the Democratic Party Communications Department – understands that a vast majority of Americans support efforts such as voter ID laws and prohibiting ballot harvesting; both of which are targeted in this bill. And so does Fox News. That is why the MSM is hoping that no one notices the silliness of this hunger strike and Fox News is hoping you do. Launching a hunger strike to support a federal takeover of elections isn’t just ridiculous, it exposes the inanity of the whole argument.

The mainstream media picks which stories will be hyped. They calculated that the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was favorable to their narrative, just like anytime a white cop shoots a black a person, so the coverage was endless. But telling viewers and readers about a handful of kids parked on a lawn and starving themselves (with the possible exception of the occasional Big Mac being snuck onto the grounds) doesn’t help their agenda, it harms it.

In 1932, Mahatma Gandhi conducted a hunger strike for 21 days in protest of British attempts to institute a caste system. The world noticed, and Gandhi got his wish. In 1981, ten Irish hunger strikers, led by Bobby Sands, also protested British oppression and ultimately starved themselves to death. Again, the international community saw what was happening and the ensuing outrage pressured the U.K. government into implementing real change. But a bunch of college kids claiming to be on a hunger strike so that Democrats can cheat their way to electoral victories in the future? Sorry kids, but you’re not going to end up in the history books.

After being arrested on Tuesday for moving their protest to the Capitol steps, one protester explained, “Unfortunately, the hunger strike was no longer being cared about by our senators.” Here’s a news flash for that protester: they never cared, and neither does the mainstream media. So, go home and eat some pizza, stop being a pawn of the Democratic Party, and stop being a knucklehead.

Honorable Mention #1: President Biden’s press conference is a disaster.  

Biden’s Wednesday press conference lasted almost two hours and makes us wonder why his handlers even bothered. The president lost his train of thought repeatedly, he was incoherent throughout, and he said some of the stupidest things to come out of his mouth to date; and that is no easy task. If their intention was to have this press conference somehow help with Biden’s plummeting approval ratings, they were sorely mistaken. It made things worse; much worse.

Biden shared this piece of wisdom regarding the runaway inflation that he’s caused, “It’s going to be hard, very hard.” Yeah, no shit Sherlock. He doubled-down on his claim from last week that anyone who doesn’t support the aforementioned voting rights bill is a racist [yawn]. And then he laid the groundwork for World War III by making this comment about Russia’s antagonism towards Ukraine, “It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and we [NATO] end up having to fight about what to do and not to do.” Why not just come out and invite Putin into Ukraine, Joe? And what exactly is a ‘minor incursion,’ anyway? If Canada invades the U.S., seizes North Dakota but leaves Montana alone, is that a ‘minor incursion?’ No big deal, and nothing to worry about?

Honorable Mention #2: CNN announces the formation of a top-notch team to ‘cover misinformation.’

That’s not a satirical headline, it’s serious. Cross my heart. CNN putting together a team to identify misinformation is like Hustler Magazine assigning staff members to find examples of pornography. Let’s hope that the first place this crack club of fake news finders looks is at CNN themselves. That ought to keep them busy for a few decades.

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