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Government criminals put small time crooks to shame

“Don’t steal, the government hates competition.”

That was a bumper sticker Ron Paul had on his desk in Washington, D.C. as a Republican Congressman from the 14th district in Texas.

In recent months, we’ve heard plenty of stories about crime on the rise. On Tuesday, Zero Hedge reported that Hollywood elites are installing panic rooms at a fast pace compared to recent years. One business, Rising S Company, that builds underground bunkers stated its installed 13 safe rooms in Hollywood this year compared to just seven in the last two and a half years in the entire State of California.

Zero Hedge reported earlier this month about CEOs asking for urgency from Congress to deal with smash-and-grabs and gangs organizing smash-and-grabs via social media and text messaging. And of course, radical district attorneys are allowing this to happen.

This of course is wrong and should be taken seriously, but these small time criminals are nothing compared to the criminal government.

Ben Garrison writes: “They are nothing compared to the smash and grab criminals controlling our country.”

Garrison notes the criminals in the corporate media and Big Pharma who are empowered and emboldened by big government and the Federal Reserve.

“The criminal government gets away with it because they own a monopoly on force,” Garrison wrote. “Try and resist and they will send armed functionaries to arrest you. Resist arrest and you could be murdered. Included in the government mob are Big Pharma and The Federal Reserve. The politicized FBI does as it pleases, too. The CIA has been rogue almost from the start.”

Garrison added: “They will all continue until they are stopped. They will only stop when there is nothing left to grab. When that happens, we will have no freedom, no privacy, and no dignity. We will own nothing and live in a technocratic dictatorship unless the war mongers decide to destroy all life on Earth first by means of a nuclear war.”

Bill Sardi details how the Fed has destroyed the value of the dollar, and the central banks collusions with politicians from both major political parties have created the illusion that Americans own the money they earn when they do not. These criminals are working on digitizing the currency for total control over the people.

“Then government doesn’t just control how much you are paid, it also completely controls how much you spend and what you spend it on. Donations to churches might be rejected because they are deemed to be racist, non-equitable, terrorist groups,” Sardi writes. “Purchase of a gasoline-powered automobile would likely be rejected, with battery-powered vehicles the only alternative.”

And the criminal corporations continue to get richer while not producing a profit. Unlike small businesses that must produce a profit to continue existing, the mega corporations do not.

And that’s thanks in large part to the George W. Bush era when “too big to fail” became the official rule of government.

When the government says a corporation is “too big to fail,” free markets cease to exist. It’s over. You don’t need to be productive. You don’t need to practice good business. As long as you are large enough and have enough political friends, the government will steal from the people to bail you out.

And both parties have bought into this immoral and wicked concept. From the bank bailouts of Bush to the auto bailouts of Barack Obama, from the CARES Act of Donald Trump to the American Rescue Plan of Joe Biden, the political elites of both parties pay off their cronies while stealing from you and me.

Ultimately, this will all come crumbling down as Daniel Fernández writes about the rise of zombie corporations, “one whose earnings before interest and taxes are less than or equal to its debt service,” over the last two decades.

“Markets are now extremely complacent,” Fernández wrote. “The fundamentals do not seem to justify their optimism. Zombie companies, which were already a problem in 2019, have not only not been killed off but have multiplied. The zombie apocalypse could be closer than we imagine, and we do not have enough Will Smiths in the world to save us.

So, while it is right to call out the rise in crime, it would be nice if the government was called out for what it is as well: a criminal enterprise.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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