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Best Inexpensive Toaster, Eufy Customer Service, Stainless Steel Cleaner

There are times when the old adage “you get what you pay for” doesn’t hold up. Sometimes the less expensive option turns out to be best.

Best Inexpensive Toaster

Dear Mary: Does anyone make a decent, simple, reliable pop-up toaster? I don’t need it to do anything but make evenly toasted toast! — Bev

Dear Bev: I was wondering the same thing. After a good deal of research, I narrowed the field to the Hamilton Beach Keep-Warm 2-Slice Toaster. I am so happy with it that it has become my new pick for the Best Inexpensive. Here are the reasons I am such a fan:

—The bread slots handle all thicknesses of things to be toasted: bagels, Texas toast, English muffins, thin-sliced bread and regular sized bread.

—When I press down on the handle, clamps gently move into place to hold the toast straight and upright. And when the toast is ready, I just lift up the handle, which gives the toast a boost and makes it easy to remove.

—The Keep Warm feature is really nice! It keeps the toast warm for three minutes without over-toasting.

—It has a Defrost option (nice!) as well as a special setting for bagels.

— I love that it is very lightweight, which lets me easily store it in a lower cabinet (I like a clean, clear countertop).

Going in, my two concerns about this toaster were the low price and the negative reviews I found online. There are times that you get what you pay for, and this toaster is a great example. It is quite inexpensive. As for the negative reviews, I can’t figure that out other than to assume the reviewers were dealing with a defective item. After more than a year of toasting, I have not encountered a single problem with this lovely Hamilton Beach Keep-Warm Toaster. I recommend it highly! It costs about $25 on Amazon and is available at Walmart.

Eufy Cordless Stick Vac

Dear Mary: My Eufy Cordless Stick Vac has quit charging. I’ve had it less than a year. Help! I cannot live without my Eufy. — Vicky

Dear Vicky: Oh, I know the feeling. I could not live without my Eufy either! The good news is that your Eufy Cordless Stick Vac came with a 15-month full warranty, but you need to act quickly.

First, go to your Amazon account and find your order and invoice (look under Orders in the upper right while you are logged in). Then call customer service at 800-988-7973. Or, if you prefer, go to Eufylife.com and click on Support.

This company has the best customer service ever. It will take good care of you.

Best Stainless Steel Cleaner

Dear Mary: Please say again, what is the best commercial cleaner/polish for stainless steel? — Dorothy

Dear Dorothy: You won’t find a better product to clean your stainless steel than Sprayway Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polisher. This product is oil-based and leaves no streaks. And you’ll see far fewer fingerprints once you clean and polish your stainless steel. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried them all, so I’m confident in this recommendation. Sprayway is the best!

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