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Transplant patient submitted to vax mandate, died before he got new lungs

Amy Bolin, wife of a man approved for a double-lung transplant, said her husband had COVID-19, recovered but was told he must take the jab to receive the needed transplant.

Bobby Bolin, who was 49, died on Aug. 20 after developing atrial fibrillation and pulmonary embolism after taking his second Moderna jab on April 17. His wife spoke to The Defender and said she “pushed back very hard” when they forced the shot as the entire family had already been infected by the virus.

“Our entire family actually came down with COVID in December 2020,” Amy Bolin told The Defender. “When that happened for Bobby, he was immediately given the antibody transfusion. His transplant team was certain that because of his minimal lung capacity this would be certain death for him, but he didn’t really have any side effects from it. A loss of smell was all that really lingered for him.”

In September of 2020, Bolin had started the process for getting new lungs. Amy Bolin said an artery blockage was discovered early on requiring a stent, but no rhythmic issues were ever found in his heart. She questioned if the jab might be the cause when his new heart conditions started to develop on April 17, but that thought was verboten. By the time of his passing, Bobby Bolin was heavily medicated with 31 prescribed drugs.

“When I questioned it, of course it was, ‘Oh no, that has nothing to do with it.’ And I said I can’t ignore the fact that the second injection just happened and now he has developed heart issues and blood clot issues that had never been present before, so why are we ruling that out so quickly rather than looking into that being a possibility, but it fell on deaf ears,” Amy Bolin said.

Albeit skeptical of the jab, Bobby Bolin needed the lungs to survive. Now, he’s dead without ever receiving those lungs.

“Unfortunately, he was desperate,” Amy Bolin said. “He was very sick. He was not feeling well. The thought of taking this vaccine or not having the opportunity to have a chance at living was not something that he was willing to gamble with, so he agreed to take it.”

The government’s reporting system is now showing 19,249 dead and 913,268 injuries reported after submitting to a COVID-19 shot. Recently, we reported on the Food and Drug Administration’s snails pace in releasing documents on a Freedom of Information Act request which they plan on fully fulfilling that request by 2076, yes, in 55 years. However, as reported by Zero Hedge, there’s already damning evidence from the first pages of that request that have been released with 42,086 adverse events after jabs from the very first batch of Pfizer shots.

So, the evidence is there that at the very least people should be able to question the safety of the shots and have those questions taken seriously by the so-called “experts.” Yet, it’s being forced on the world while the information gatekeepers censor any questioning.

With regards to transplant patients, NBC is reporting that there’s a debate on whether or not to require the jab to receive a life-saving organ.

“For anyone who does not have a medical contraindication, basically we’re requiring it. There’s a very strong sense to make it a requirement, like all the other hoops, straight up,” said Dr. Ajit Limaye of UW Medicine in Seattle.

Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, on the other hand, is not requiring is. Jenny Nowatzke, the hospital’s manager of national media relations, said: “We don’t decline care of transplant based on vaccine status. The patient also doesn’t get any lower scores.”

Then there’s the two wrongs make a right argument from Dr. Kapilkumar Patel, of Tampa General Hospital in Florida. His hospital isn’t requiring a jab, but Patel said: “We mandate hepatitis and influenza vaccines, and nobody has an issue with that, and now we have this one vaccination that can save lives and make an impact on the post-transplant recovery phase. And we have this huge uproar from the public.”

One of the arguments made by the authoritarian doctors is that there is a short supply of organs and they make subjective decisions all the time. Sure, there’s some truth to that, but that doesn’t answer why patients like Mike Ganimhad, waiting for a kidney transplant, or Michelle Vitullo, waiting for a liver transplant, in Ohio or Leilani Lutali, waiting for a kidney transplant, in Colorado are being denied life-saving healthcare. In each of their cases, they had family members, friends or strangers who they sought out who were positive matches and willing to donate their organs. That effects nobody else on the waiting list.

It’s time to get back to the Hippocratic oath and “first, do no harm.”Content syndicated from with permission.

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