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The difference in a fear story and a true story

On Monday, mainstream media outlets began reporting that Omicron was now the dominant COVID variant across the United States. In most wire headlines, it was “Omicron sweeps across the nation as it becomes 73% of new cases.”

Other traditional news outlets ran with the subjects of “how long does it take to get sick from Omicron” to “should I be scared of Omicron.” Each and every story meant to cause one thing among Americans: fear.

Yes, the mainstream media wants to continue to spread the COVID propaganda in order to have Americans living in fear. They want to cancel Christmas and they want to eliminate anything you may enjoy this year. Americans, for the radical left, you have become too comfortable for this pandemic.

The Surgeon General got in on the act as well. He said he was worried about those who were not vaccinated amid the new scariant. He said that he is worried about hospitalizations and severe sickness for those who contract COVID and are not vaccinated.

There is one problem with all the stories that are going around the mainstream media about Omicron and vaccines, however. The mainstream media and the “experts” still want you to believe that this vaccine is going to prevent you from acquiring the virus. Both Pfizer and Moderna have said that a booster shot will build antibodies significantly to fight off Omicron.

Do you see the key word in that statement? “Fight off” Omicron, not prevent Omicron. They want to make the vaccines sound like the option for prevention of COVID, but that’s not the case at all.

You can see that as athletes, politicians, and more are testing positive across the world for Omicron. The virus was not inhibited one bit by their vaccination status. Studies out of South Africa told the exact same story.

The entire approach from the left has been entirely wrong regarding COVID and the COVID vaccine. Multiple times I have said on podcasts and in articles that we need to let Americans decide for themselves on the vaccines. If you want it, take it. If you don’t, then don’t take it. It is a personal decision and it should remain that way.

We have no need to segment society of those who are vaxxed and those who are not. Do we judge those who take a flu shot and those who do not? Have you been required to show your “flu passport” to enter into a store? Absolutely not.

But Joe Biden wants to declare that you are going to die if you do not get a COVID vaccine. The left wants to demand that you obtain a vaccine or you cannot participate in society. Should we tell them you can also die from the flu, mumps, measles, hepatitis, and many other diseases as well? Many people are unvaccinated or have experienced a lapse in their vaccination status from those major illnesses, but we do not see the left panicked about them.

Each and every story is a narrative of fear. They want to push you to take a vaccine out of fear, but they should be pushing you to research and make a decision on your own.

We should be seeing stories of truth. For example, share the COVID numbers, but all of them. Share the adverse reaction information. Share the case numbers. Share the differences in severity between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Share how it may or may not benefit those with underlying illness. Tell how Omicron appears less severe in data coming out of South Africa.

In other words, the mainstream media should DO THEIR JOB rather than trying to influence Americans with propaganda. Stop with the fear stories and get back to the truth. If mainstream media is even capable of telling the truth.

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