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Federal appeals court lifts block on Biden vaccine mandate for employers

A federal appeals court in Cincinnati has overturned the stay of the Biden vaccine mandate on employers. The COVID-19 vaccine or test rule is now back in effect for approximately 80 million Americans after the order.

OSHA issued the mandate from the Biden administration on November 5th. The Fifth Circuit ruled that it was most likely not constitutional and put a stay on the order.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit overturned the ruling from the Fifth Circuit ruling on the stay. According to The Boston Globe, the Sixth Circuit got control of the consolidated case against the measure — including the power to lift the Fifth Circuit’s stay — after winning a multi-circuit lottery.

Multiple groups, including private businesses and state governments, have filed suits against the orders and an immediate appeal to the Supreme Court is expected.

The order is a massive overreach by the government into the private lives of citizens. While many employers have chosen to mandate the vaccine, this left the decision with employees to decide whether or not they would comply or find a new job. This ruling forces Americans to decide between an unproven vaccine that does not stop COVID or its spread or their jobs.

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