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Fauci’s calling, want to take the call?

If the Senate follows the House of Representatives lead and passes the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act (HR 550), Americans who do not get the recommended number of covid vaccines can look forward to receiving a text like this: This is Dr. Anthony Fauci. According to government records you have not yet received your monthly covid booster shot. Until you prove you are following vaccine protocols, your vaccine passport will be revoked, resulting in loss of your privilege to work, worship, and visit your family.’”

That was the warning former congressman from Texas and Republican and Libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul gave in his weekly op-ed.

HR 550 is the next dystopian step towards a total end to privacy that the COVID-19 dictators want. The bill was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on Nov. 30 with a bipartisan vote, and it is now under consideration by the U.S. Senate.

The vote was 294-130. While a majority of Republicans, 130, voted against it, it still had quite a bit of GOP support with 80 in favor, and 3 did not vote. All 214 voting Democrats voted for it, and 6 did not vote. Some GOP governors have already laid the groundwork for the massive “vaccine” tracking program in their states.

Stand for Health Freedom stated: “Based on a reading of the bill, and a knowledge of the history of the federal efforts for an immunization infrastructure, the Republicans who voted yes on this bill are either recklessly uninformed, or knew exactly what they were doing and are now selling the public an Orwellian bill of goods. Neither is good.”

In a press release from the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Annie Kuster (D-New Hampshire), and a co-sponsor, Larry Buschon (R-Indiana), they effectively confirm all the dystopian aspects, yet, they approve of them. The release states it will “remind patients when they are due for a recommended vaccine, and identify areas with low vaccination rates to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines.

“Less than a year after the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the United States, two safe, effective vaccines were authorized for emergency use – truly an incredible achievement – but we must do more to ensure they are widely and equitably distributed. This requires coordinated, strategic leadership from the federal government, and the Biden-Harris administration has demonstrated that they are up for the task. I’m proud to introduce this bipartisan legislation to improve our nation’s immunization information systems and support the administration’s comprehensive plan to get America through the COVID-19 pandemic,” Kuster said.

Buschon added: “As the vaccine rollout continues, immunization data systems will be a critical tool in the success of this effort, and they are in need of modernization. This legislation will improve, enhance, and expand the ability of Immunization Information Systems to securely exchange real-time immunization record data while securely protecting personal patient information. In order to defeat this virus and fully reopen our economy, we must have a clear and efficient understanding of our localities’ vaccination efforts – and we can only achieve that by modernizing our immunization infrastructure.”

Even with the bill’s sponsors confirming all the fears, we get the Republican Energy and Commerce Subcommittee calling the majority of Republicans, who voted against HR 550, liars. Included is a quote from Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) who exposed what a fraud he is.

Unfortunately, many Republicans you trust are lying to you,” Crenshaw said. They want you to believe they stood strong against a new vaccine database. But they’re lying. There’s no new database. We just made current databases secure against federal gov’t tracking.

Ok Danny boy. So, you didn’t create a new database, you just expanded on an already unconstitutional and immoral database. That makes it so much better, huh? How about you destroy the already existing database as government has no authority to make any healthcare decisions? That’s probably asking for too much.

This bill creates a national standard, created by the Centers for Disease Control, which, as Paul notes, will lead to the federal government bribing local and state governments as well as the so-called “private sector,” which no longer exists, with stolen taxpayer dollars to collectivize under this warped system. It hands out $400 million of your money off the bat to expand the system.

Paul also warns this bill could lead to healthcare rationing pointing to the Social Security Administrationannual trustee report on Medicare and Social Security programs. The report shows that Medicare will only be 91% funded by 2026 meaning higher taxes and cuts to benefits will be needed. Who would have though Ponzi schemes would become insolvent?

The government could also use these records to deny care to people not following federal health care recommendations,’” Paul wrote. Those tempted to dismiss these concerns should consider that there are calls to deny medical treatment to the unvaccinated. There have also been efforts to deny medical treatment to people who smoke or are obese. Rationing is common in countries struggling with the burdens of socialized medicine. There is even an effort in the UK to deny health care to those who use racist or sexist language.

This bill is a disgrace as is every one of the 80 Republicans who voted for it.

Paul concluded: “If the government can monitor and control something as fundamental as our health care choices, then no part of our lives is off limits to the nanny state. All who value liberty should join the fight for health freedom.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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