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CNBC Poll: Republicans Have Double-Digit Advantage in ’22

President Joe Biden’s approval rating continues in its perpetual freefall — meanwhile, Republicans’ polling advantage on the 2022 generic congressional ballot just broke 10%.

These were the findings of a CNBC All-America Economic Survey released Friday, a poll of 800 Americans with a 3.5% margin of error.

CNBC reports:

Results in the CNBC All-America Economic survey imply potentially large Democratic losses in the November election.

Biden’s overall approval rating stabilized at a low level of 41%, about the same level as former President Donald Trump’s, compared to 50% who disapprove.

At 46% approval to 48% disapproval, Biden’s approval rating on the coronavirus is now underwater for the first time.

His economic approval sank more deeply underwater, with 37% approving compared to 56% who disapprove, down from 40% approval to 54% in the second quarter survey.

Biden’s approval rating, which aggregates show to be roughly 42-43%, is nearing the polling lows seen by former President Donald Trump before they bottomed out entirely following the public reaction to January 6.

However, low approval numbers don’t necessarily translate to an electoral bloodbath — this is something demonstrated rather well by Trump’s performance in 2020. What does translate to that is an inability to govern on the issues that served as the basis for your election.

And that’s precisely what’s happening to Biden, whose approval rating on COVID — the only issue on which he generally remains above water — has begun to fall out from under him.

“The COVID number is actually, I think, the more important one,” said Public Opinion Strategies partner Micah Roberts. “As goes COVID, so goes the Biden presidency, and that’s really proving to be quite true.”

Roberts is entirely correct — Biden was elected because he drove the issue of COVID home. People were dying because Trump refused to entertain the draconian COVID policy being hawked by Democrats, alleged Biden, who was then able to characterize Trump as a chaotic public health hazard and cast himself as the antidote.

If you listened to him on COVID, Biden implied, then COVID would go away — and that’s the wave he rode to victory.

Of course, that was a lie, and the fact that his pursuance of the policy he assured would “shut down” the virus has done nothing to slow its spread (because, as it turns out, airborne viruses are relatively unfazed by public policy), and his bluff has been called as a result.

And if Americans are even becoming disenfranchised with Biden on COVID — the one issue on which he continues to have a modicum of political leverage — he can soon expect to stare down an electoral nightmare.

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