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Are Americans finally walking away from mainstream media?

In what will no doubt be buried as a “lackluster” headline, it seems that Americans are losing interest in mainstream media outlets.

That’s certainly not how the MSM will frame it, however. The excuses are already starting to pile on as new data suggests that Americans are tired of the endless lies and constant propaganda.

The Associated Press reports that viewership among some of the key mainstream media outlets is down nearly 40% from 2020. The falling viewership at CNN is really not a surprise, but some other outlets are a little more surprising.

Such as Fox News, which saw a 34% drop. MSNBC also saw a 25% drop in viewers according to the Nielsen data. For mainstream outlets, the bad news continued. Nightly news saw 12 and 14% drops respectively depending on the network.

The Washington Post and The New York Times, both who made a living spreading COVID propaganda and lies about Donald Trump are seeing a decline as well. Unique users at each site have dropped dramatically over the past year, 34% at the Times and 44% at the Post in month-over-month comparisons.

The AP was quick to say that this was normal because of the 2020 news cycle being so popular, but is it? Are we really saying that Americans are less interested in the news now that the election is over?

You have to look a little farther to see the whole story, as is always the case with any reporting from mainstream outlets.

Mainstream news outlets saw a resurgence in 2020 thanks to the pandemic and Donald Trump. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Americans have been hit with nonstop Dr. Anthony Fauci and fear propaganda for COVID.

First, Americans were told do not wear a face mask. When Fauci said it was time to shut down and mask up, the mainstream media immediately set out on dividing the nation over face masks. They set out to force compliance in government mandates, removing freedom from Americans. Because of the unknowns of coronavirus, Americans were paying attention.

That was, until the lies started to mount. Fauci has been proven time and again to be a liar. Do you see the mainstream media covering that? Absolutely not. They refuse to cover the fact he lied to Congress and has lied to the American people for two years.

Americans were told to blindly follow Fauci and his vaccine/face mask statements. The mainstream media ran with the propaganda about vaccines and how they would “eradicate the virus.” That all ended when we are now on the 5th booster in some parts of the world.

While mainstream media outlets may be struggling, other outlets seem to be doing just fine. Newsmax recently expanded its New York City footprint due to its growth. While I am sure ratings are down at Newsmax following the 2020 election coverage, the organization still finds its following will tune in for key programming.

The more likely scenario affecting big mainstream outlets is that Americans are tired of their one-sided, biased coverage when they claim to be “independent” or “unbiased.” At The Liberty Loft, we do not hide that we are conservatives and that will be our viewpoint on the news. MSM claims one thing, but they are entirely in the pocket of the radical left.

I believe that many Americans have walked away from mainstream media outlets. While mainstream media outlets may be able to win back some moderates with more propaganda as the 2022 midterms approach, Americans have learned their lesson. We simply cannot trust our mainstream media and must rely on other sources.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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