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What you can still be thankful for … for now

It is Thanksgiving Day in the United States and Americans will be spending the day doing a wide variety of things. Some will pay attention to football, some will be focused on family, or many of us will be focused on eating way too much food. In either case, it’s a day set aside to be thankful for the things that we have.

We certainly have a lot to be thankful for. Most of us have family, friends, church, health, food, jobs, and more that we can all be thankful for. Even if you do not have those things, you can still be thankful for life and for living in a free nation.

That is, you can still be thankful for a free nation for now.

The radical left is continuing its push to fundamentally change our nation. They have passed massive spending bills and continue to press for more. They say that the only way to save our nation is to spend it into oblivion.

Our future generations will never recover and understand the freedoms that we have today, even though we have much less freedom than previous generations of Americans. They are being brainwashed into believing that everything should be free. But that’s only a portion of the problem.

Our kids are being brainwashed to believe the entire radical left agenda. They are being told that they should appeal to special interest groups. It’s a mistake that even the Republicans have decided to join in on. Kids are even being told that American pride is offensive and that racism is a major societal issue, even though it isn’t.

Society is being conditioned for obedience. Vaccine mandates, forced shutdowns, and other tyrannical measures to attempt and stop a Chinese-made virus have changed the way many Americans think and act. The radical left has used this to capitalize on furthering their agenda.

We really should not say it surprises us. After all, President Joe Biden warned us all that he was going to be transformational and we can certainly see the transformation of our nation happening. Socialism has crept in and is threatening to send our nation into a downward spiral that we will never recover from.

That transition did not only happen under Joe Biden, but under the radical left leadership long before. Americans let down our guard and we are paying the price.

So while we can sit back and be thankful today, we must also be prepared to fight for our nation. If we don’t, we will not have a nation to be thankful for in the near future.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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