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Virginia Is But a Baby Step, and It’s Not Enough

The Blue State Conservative

The fed-up, fired-up American electorate delivered a resounding rebuke to the America-hating Democrats across the country on Tuesday. Up and down-ballot, from the smallest town councils to the Governor’s mansion in Virginia, Republicans dominated at every level. This utter shellacking, led by America-first patriots of the MAGA variety, bought our nation some time and breathing room, but these are just the first baby steps taken toward restoring America to its rightful glory and its rightful place at the head of the civilized world.

As with any baby taking its first steps, however, there are still many unsteady moments ahead. There will be falls. There will be setbacks.

Patriots are taking their first real steps. Will we continue, or go back to crawling because it’s easier?

Unlike with a baby, however, there will also be those hell-bent on pushing us down, standing in our way, hurting, even destroying us. Sadly, many of those monsters are people we call “our countrymen”. We will have a choice; do we continue trying to stand and walk, or do we revert back to crawling because it’s easier and less frightening?

The battle has truly only just begun, and if we do what we always do, which is to lay back and rest in the shade of the great victory of November 2, we will see the result we always see; the enemies of America, especially the domestic ones, will be back with a vengeance. And unlike our side, they take no prisoners.

The biggest mistake American Patriots make – and we make it every time – is failing to go for the kill when we clearly have the opportunity to end the danger entirely.

This is the start of that moment. How we respond from here will determine, in no uncertain terms, whether or not America is saved (if she can be saved in the first place).

Let’s be clear; what occurred Tuesday night is nothing more than a shot across the bow. The pundits, whose job it is to make mountains out of molehills to drive ratings, will throw words like “bellwether” and “death knell” about like firemen tossing candy at a parade. As with all things media, they’re lying. The politicians, too, will spin like dutiful little tops, declaring the “meaning” of Virginia or touting the “message the American people have sent”.

It’s all horsehockey. It’s part of the game, and until we wise up to it, we’ll be no more than duped riders on the political pendulum, swinging to and fro in the prescribed route that is not only agreed upon but perpetuated by both sides of the establishment. Put simply, we are all once again being played.

I’m tired of being played – aren’t you?

There’s only one way to end it, and that is to end it. Instead of laughing at and mocking our adversaries, we must continue to chase them until we’ve driven them into the ground. Instead of laying back in the shade of the trees overlooking the battlefield, munching on a stalk of wheat, and glorifying ourselves with tales of our great victory, we need to be up off of our asses in dogged pursuit of the next win.

And don’t fool yourself; what we’ve just witnessed can’t yet be called a win. What it is is a change in direction, but we have no earthly idea whether it’s a “win”. We won’t know that until we see how this newly-elected bunch actually performs. It wasn’t that long ago that we all celebrated Adam Kinzinger as a “win”, too. How’d that work out?

Our work is far from finished. In fact, it’s barely started. Glenn Younkin is, at this point in the game, little more than the promise of glory to come. He’s the latest fad diet, a fat pill we’re all ingesting thinking it will make us skinny without having to do any work. It’s nonsense. If we don’t hold his feet to the fire – and I mean in ways that make him squirm like a nightcrawler on a fishing hook – we’ll have nothing more tomorrow than we had yesterday. The same goes for every other Republican we’ve just put into office. Any office.

By now you should be well aware that Republicans and Democrats are nothing more than flip sides of the same filthy coin. They’re ALL “in on it”. If you think for one second that Lindsey Graham is “on your side” you’re more delusional than Clueless Joe Biden. If you’d trust Mitch McConnell as far as you could throw Jerry Nadler, then frankly you’re part of the problem. Donald Trump’s victory in the state of Pennsylvania could not have been stolen without the help of corrupt members of Keystone State (R)s. I’ve seen such cooperative corruption with my own eyes. It pervades politics as that game is played now, and the only way we stop it is to stop being complacent.

Complacency is complicity.

Tuesday was a much-needed sip of air because patriots have been drowning for the last year or so. Our heads are now at least above water. That doesn’t mean we don’t still need to swim for the shore.

So how do we do that? How do we go for the jugular the way our enemies would, while at the same time pushing our newly-elected “representatives” to actually represent us rather than themselves?

It starts by refusing to go back into our quiet, peaceful shells. We are by nature pacifists. We like to be left alone, and so we leave everyone else alone too. Our enemies know this and have used it against us from the beginning. Glenn Younkin won in Virginia because MAGA patriots and everyday moms and dads, who got a peek behind the curtain with the monstrous Loudoun County school board, rose up and declared that they weren’t going to be bullied anymore. They had to choose between a representative of the evils to which they’d already been witness and an unknown who seemed the better alternative.

How damned many times are we going to be forced into that odious choice before we finally understand that we can’t just be patsies anymore?

I like what I’ve seen from Glenn Younkin. I’d like to believe he can be a real leader, effectuating real change…but he’s already distanced himself from Donald Trump on more than one occasion, which tells me either that he’s too cowardly to stand when he most needs to, or he’s just another puppet of the establishment with a nicer gloss than the other guy. It is up to the men and women of Virginia to do more than just put the man in office; they must now park on the front steps of the State House (and anywhere else they can be seen and heard) and demand real, lasting change.

Codifying proper election reforms, including getting rid of all the ways Democrats cheat the system, would be a good start. That shouldn’t be too hard; most of them are unconstitutional anyway. And with the new Governor and a slate of new Republicans filling out the General Assembly, the only thing keeping it from happening is the will to make it happen.

Guess where that will come from? Here’s a hint – it’s not from complacent would-be patriots sitting home watching television.

Younkin and Virginia are just the start. We’ve seen over the last five years that it isn’t enough to simply elect Republicans; we must elect America-first Republicans, who are unafraid to stand beside the most effective and in-demand President we’ve seen in forty years. The media – and we all know how honest and unbiased they are – want you to believe that MAGA is dead or dying and that the political class needs and wants to distance from Donald Trump. There’s little doubt in my mind that establishment politicians, including and perhaps especially Republicans, want Trump to drop off the face of the Earth, but you and I both know that’s not going to happen.

The movement that started with Trump in 2016 is just getting warmed up. The power of America’s patriots, and the President who stands with them, is only growing. The enemies of this country want to see it dead and buried, and in the long run it will be if we don’t put away our “sit quietly” attitude and abandon our non-confrontational status quo.

Our job is clear moving forward. We’ve seen the power we possess when we choose to use it. We must continue to use it, or we will be the reason America ultimately dies. We call ourselves patriots, but we cannot be true champions of the cause if we choose now to rest. We cannot win the game if we satisfy ourselves being mere cheerleaders on the sidelines. Our enemies (and they are many, including wolves in Republican sheep’s clothing) are far from finished. We must find our inner “killer instinct” and go for that jugular right now. Don’t be played yet again by the pundits and political spin-masters over the next several days. The Democrats aren’t finished; the evils that are swallowing up our great nation aren’t in any way “at bay”, and they won’t be until we – you and I – deliver the final blow. We can’t do it from the couch. We can’t do it from the sidelines. We can’t do what we’ve always done before.

This fight isn’t over; it’s just getting started. If we don’t keep that pedal to the metal and push well beyond what would have satisfied us in the past, we’re only setting ourselves and our country up for ultimate defeat later. This is the moment in history where we utterly destroy our enemies, or we wind up destroyed ourselves.

It’s time for us to embrace our newfound role as hunter, or we will surely once again be prey.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being “what’s for supper”.

Featured image is a screengrab from MSNBC.

Secondary image by Jordan Christian on Unsplash

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Jackson P. Chamberlain

Jackson P. Chamberlain is a right-leaning, liberty-loving husband and father whose American heritage dates back nearly four hundred years. He writes from his home at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. He can be found on GETTR @jpchamberlain, or on MeWe as Jackson Chamberlain. He does not do Facebook or Twitter.

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