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Twitter blue checks ramp up COVID propaganda in response to Omicron

Well, that did not take long. As soon as the Omicron variant was announced as existing in the UK, the Twitter blue checks immediately started spreading their COVID propaganda once again.

The moves came soon after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that mask mandates would be reimposed due to finding cases of Omicron in the UK. Dr. Anthony Fauci helped fuel the propaganda machine as he announced that he would not be surprised if Omicron was already in the US. That was all the radical left needed to launch into their scorched earth campaign against anyone who does not comply.

Most of the conversation developed around the UK and personalities that spoke out in support of the move. Then the conversation started to evolve.

James O’Brien immediately said that those who refused to wear masks were racists.

Another from the UK said that those who refused to comply represented an ideology more dangerous than extreme religion.

The followers of blue checks fell in line, as the trending line developed to #COVIDIOTS and purely personal insults. The new mask mandates immediately became a point of call to action. But the conversation did not stop just with the UK.

Across the US, some were calling for forced vaccinations for those who choose not to be vaccinated. Others said that this is a reason for forced masking and potentially another shut down as the virus seems resistant to vaccines.

President Joe Biden restricted travel from Africa in response to Omicron, but also used the opportunity to continue to push vaccines on Americans. Vaccines that have been proven not to prevent COVID or the spreading of COVID. He says that Americans can help themselves by obtaining booster shots.

The battle over COVID vaccines is not going to end. Variants will continue to develop and more vaccines will continue to be pushed in response.


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