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These 3 Rules Can Change the Way You Invest

Amateur and experienced investors alike can always learn something new. Warren Buffet has always been an inspiration for people looking to make it big playing the stocks. For Buffet, a self-made billionaire, stocks are less about gambling and more about calculation and logic. You may be saying that’s impossible and the stocks are always a risk, and that’s true. There is always some level of potential loss when you invest money in anything. However, Buffet has been at his practice for decades, and he’s learned how to maximize his profit by relying more on common sense than an ever-fluctuating market. These three rules from Buffet will help you improve your own strategy. Keeping them close to heart, you may be able to make some big changes with future investments that completely change your portfolio for the better.

Understand the Business You’re In

The massive influx of apps that allow novice investors to pour funds into stocks isn’t as great as you may think. When people rely on applications and companies to handle all their money, they lose control over their investments. If you don’t understand the market, you can’t play it. Making money on the stock market requires patience, dedication and a lot of research. Don’t focus so much on profit that you forget what it takes to get there. Start by consuming as much knowledge as you can. Learn the basics, but don’t stop there. You want to know all the quirks and unusual trends too such as a short squeeze. In an online guide you can learn all about short squeezes, how they happen and how you can earn the most from your investment using this strategy.

Don’t Invest in a Stock That’s Temporarily Profitable

Buffet made the bulk of his earnings through long-term investments. He didn’t hop on trends hoping that they’d pay him back tenfold. He believes that someone should be comfortable owning shares in a company for 10 years, otherwise they shouldn’t own it at all. The real message here is to research the stocks you’re thinking about buying. True profitability comes from wagering on sustainable, enduring companies to grow over the years, not one-off flukes that may cost more than they’re truly worth. Don’t be afraid to buy and hold. Although everything in today’s society is fast-paced and fleeting, you don’t have to go that route with your portfolio. When it comes to growing wealth, it usually pays more to save than sell.

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend More on the Right Company

You might get less stock owning shares in Apple, but is it worth it to own double or triple in a far less reliable tech startup? The truth of the matter is that quality and quantity play just as much of a role in investment success as anywhere else. Sometimes, it’s less about how much you own and how valuable the company is. Growing your wealth over time by gradually purchasing in major companies can give you far more security later than throwing all your money into more affordable, run of the mill businesses. When you’re deciding what stocks you should buy next, think about the company’s long-term profitability. If you can hold a share for years and earn double what you invested, that’s far more valuable than paying to own a large volume of stocks that barely break even.

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