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The issue with conservative censorship and Big Tech

We have noticed for a while now that Big Tech companies can censor people as they deem fit. One recent example of this happened when prevented companies from posting ads relating to one of the top-selling books at the time “BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution.” It takes a deeper look within the Black Lives Matter movement and their underlying agenda based on tearing down age-old American institutions to replace them with these new Marxist ideals.

Businesses should always examine the IT support providers that they choose to use for their company to ensure that it aligns with their views. Companies like the heritage foundation also tried to place their own ads which aimed to promote the BLM expose by Mike Gonzanles. Amazon would not promote it as it was not in line with the ‘Creative Acceptance Policies’ set out by because said content is not allowed as it contains a heavily debated topic.

If they continue with such intense censorship, using an IT support company UK businesses commonly use may be more difficult to advertise for. These absurd standards for advertising have left much to be desired since companies will not allow for advertising of a book that stirs up tons of debate and controversy, the Bible. Advertising has even become so restricted that anything that could be seen as controversial including welfare, Covid-19 and even climate change.

Amazon later came out saying that the censorship was due to human error, which provides even more reason for companies in Big Tech to set clear policies and to implement them effectively. More private companies are creating vague rules and policies and do not force the rules consistently. It is important that companies This is especially important when businesses choose outsourced IT services, to ensure that the company you choose to work with aligns with your values. It has become common for companies to censor views that they disagree with and do not care about users that could be banned from using their sites.

We can clearly see that Big Tech has forced many voices to be affected by content suppression and there will be many more if clear rules are not put in place. There are even companies that are making it difficult for those who are more conservative to access email, online fundraising and even digital banking. This creates an uneven balance of power simply due to differing political views which should no longer be an issue.

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