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Media Manipulation and the Rittenhouse Case

Watching some of the mainstream media coverage, primarily Fox News, of the Kyle Rittenhouse case, I’ve been a little perplexed.

Grant it, I have not been glued to the screen and certainly could have missed it, but I have not once actually seen the video of that summer night in 2020 showing Rittenhouse shooting three people, two fatally, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Instead, you get an endless stream of emotional back-and-forth. You get commentators on the left calling Rittenhouse a white supremacist (despite everyone involved being white) and a murderer while the commentators on the right call him a praiseworthy hero.

If you watch the video, it should be a closed case of self-defense. A case shouldn’t have been brought. No need to make Rittenhouse a hero or a villain. It simply was self-defense.

Of course, there are agendas at play. One is the gun control agenda of the left, certainly seen by prosecutor Thomas Binger’s statement that “you lose the right to self-defense when you’re the one who brought the gun.” That’s a whopper of a statement and tells us the willful disdain the government has for our Second Amendment rights.

However, the media’s fixation on the Rittenhouse trial and the way its being covered, primarily with emotional rhetoric with little discussions on the facts of the case, is just another example of the way the media manipulates the public and exposes the big agenda, to push a divide and conquer strategy of the ruling class on both the left and right.

“Truth, due process, facts, investigations, and context all take a back seat these days to partisan based emotional reaction,” wrote Matt Agorist for the Free Thought Project. “This — as we are seeing across the country — is not good.”

Agorist added: “History shows us that divide and close-mindedness go hand and hand with less freedom and more suffering, no matter the political football team you root for. Do we want to yell at each other until we turn the planet into a nuclear fallout zone or can we lay our differences aside and have an honest conversation about achieving peace? The choice is yours.”

On the other hand, the media ignores certain stories that they can’t manipulate for their agenda. Have you heard the name Johnny Hurley? He was most definitely a hero shooting a would-be mass shooter in Arvada, Colorado in June to then be gunned down and killed by Arvada Police Officer Kraig Brownlow.

Agorist wrote about this story and described Hurley as “an outspoken activist for freedom and peace and he spent the last decade or more of his life seeking those goals for the world. His dedication to the preservation of life was so strong that it actually cost him his own life.”

Last week, a district attorney in Arvada announced no charges would be brought against Brownlow.

On that June day, the would-be mass shooter was dressed in black carrying a loaded rifle and was spotted before any shots were fired by police eating lunch nearby. This shooter would kill Police Officer Gordon Beesley.

Hurley, lawfully concealing and carrying a handgun, heard the shots that killer Beesley while he was shopping at an Army surplus store and took action. Hurley, wearing a red shirt and not matching the description of the would-be mass shooter, was seen in a video reported on by a local news outlet and provided by Agorist leaving the store ready to protect others. He’s seen crouching behind a wall, taking his time to assess the situation and eventually shooting and stopping what could have been a killing spree.

No video was shown of Brownlow shooting Hurley, but as the news reporter states the police showed up on the scene and immediately shot him as Hurley was reportedly going to grab the rifle from the gunman. Unlike Hurley who took his time to assess the situation, the police apparently came in hot and ready to shoot with no assessment at all.

“By law, in deciding whether Officer Brownlow was justified in acting in self-defense or defense of others, it does not matter whether John Hurley was actually trying to injure the officer or another person, so long as a reasonable person, under like conditions and circumstances, would believe that it appeared that deadly physical force was necessary to prevent imminent harm,” said district attorney Alexis King.

However, there’s evidence the Arvada Police Department manipulated it’s videos and lied to protect its officer. Magnus Panvidya wrote: “Unfortunately, that is not how the thin blue line works. One must ask: If the only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun … How does the modern US police officer factor into that? If in an active shooter situation you find yourself armed and attempting to defend yourself, do you have a reasonable expectation that the police will not fire on you without warning for merely being armed? Will the police edit, crop, cover up and lie about your death till after your killer is deemed justified?”

This story is very hard to manipulate for the agenda of the powers that be. This is a clear case showing how an armed citizen can save a countless number of lives. There’s also no way to push the race narrative that is so often used to divide as everyone involved is white.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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  1. Let me propose the creation of the Kyle Rittenhouse/Johnny Hurley medal, to be awarded to those who use a gun to defend themselves or others.

    What say you “WE THE PEOPLE”?

  2. So Kyle the Knosha killer (KKK) a child, breaks curfew, carries an illegally (for him to have) weapon into a know dangerous area so he can defend himself. All he has to do is obey the law and three unarmed people would be alive. I say vote Republican they will send children to murder you if you done.

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