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If NASA can use SpaceX, why is it Schools Can’t Use Uber for School Buses?

There is a severe shortage of bus drivers that many states are considering calling in the National Guard to drive our children to school.  There is also a shortage of Nannies & Merchandisers.  Nurses, Doctors, Pilots. Police officers, Fire Fighters & Others are being terminated for lack of a vaccine passport.  We should note that Teachers’ unions influenced last-minute CDC school guidance and received copies before public release.

Exacerbating the talent shortage, Americans are leaving the workplace in record numbers, either because the government pays to not work or they got used to not working. Regardless, why is it that school districts insist on being in the transportation business?   While the student population using buses has remained relatively flat for two decades, costs have spiraled out of control

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the total number of students transported at taxpayers expense since 1980 has been relatively constant, but the expense per transported student in 1980, on an adjusted basis was $198, but by 2008 it exploded to $854 and  $982 by 2017 while sales of buses increased 45% between 2010 & 2019. To be expected, the  #NSTA is proud of the work the industry is  doing 

So, Why is it that in a sharing economy, school districts are in the transportation business with predictably skyrocketing expenses? While it is not rocket science, NASA figured out that it is most cost-effective to focus on core competencies so it offloads some of its work to others like Space-X and Jeff Bezos Blue Origin. We can use ride-sharing like Uber or Lyft.  We can even avoid hotels and stay at any of a number of B&B properties around the world.  What about calling Grubhub to get a snack while you digest this piece?

Yet school districts insist on being in the transportation business, usually citing the NIH Syndrome – Not invented here.  This type of mindset leads to wasteful spending like the Air Force $10,000 toilet seat .  For additional details on wasteful spending, refer to  Forbes  Adam Andrzejewski’s piece titled  Where’s The Pork? U.S. Taxpayers Funded A Lot Of Wasteful Spending (2017-2019)Another typical excuse used is that of children’s safety.  Again, it’s not rocket science.  NASA has figured it out, and the school districts can do it just as easily 

A plausible explanation is the Teachers Unions, after all the Teachers Unions control the legislature in Blue States. The Teachers Unions turned schools & universities into what we call a Devshirme System: more indoctrination less education. Why do graduates like NYT’s Jody Rosen see the Anthem as a bad song? Public Radio’s Renea Goddard torches squad cars. NPR’s Taylor Maloney complains communist’s right to kill cops is not popular NPR falsely claims Hunter Biden’s laptop story discredited by intel agencies. PBS’ Yamiche is offended when she’s asked to respect the flag. NPR’s Josie Huang may think it’s  OK  to charge at police officers. NPR uses FBI as a source to promote Critical Race Theory the Asian American Hate Hoax & the FALSE narrative that America is Racist.  The FBI’s own 2020 Hate Crime Statistics show something different

Even FBI Director Christopher Wray says that Civics Education is a national imperative. Yet the FBI spied on the Trump campaign, was involved in the Jan 6th civil disorder & joins the Girl Scouts to promote the LGBT lifestyle.  Now the FBI is getting involved tin school board meetings, because according to the DOJ, there may be parents protesting during school board meetings and they can be considered domestic terrorists

The School Districts’  core competency should be education, not transportation.  Teaching critical thinking not indoctrination.  Yet politicians want to criminalize homeschooling and school choice. Why? Elsewhere we show why the US Education system desperately needs a paradigm change. All reasons why we advocate abolishing the Department of Education and Banning Teachers unions

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