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Have you ever noticed that your WiFi may have increased problems on stormy days? When the weather outside is wild, and your WiFi signal trips off, the most logical conclusion is to blame it on the weather. Most times, though, a cloudy day or a light rainstorm would not interfere with your broadband.

However, this depends on the type of internet you use. Sometimes, the weather may be bad enough to scramble WiFi signals, and if you are using satellite internet, you may experience more issues when the weather is bad. If you are still looking for the best internet plans for your home, then utilizing home internet plans compare would help you find the fastest internet speed for your area.

Sometimes, the slow internet you may experience during a rainstorm is caused by higher internet traffic rather than bad weather itself. When the sky gets cloudy, no one wants to go outside, which can cause serious internet slowing. But there are times when the weather can slow down your broadband. For instance, satellite internet can go down during heavy rainstorms or other atmospheric events.

You shouldn’t expect the best internet connection if you are stuck in the middle of an extreme weather event like a tornado, hurricane, or blizzard. During severe weather, internet service may be cut off for even days. It may interfere with the signal getting to your home or cause infrastructure failures that can lead to internet outages, such as cable lines breaking during a prolonged freeze.

You may be wondering what kind of weather would affect your broadband the most. Rain is the main culprit in terms of internet signal loss. Snow, hail, and fog do not cause as much interruption to your broadband as rain. It is all about density. Raindrops are about eight times denser than snow and therefore cause more signal attenuation. Not all rainstorms are alike, though, and some may affect your broadband more than others. The bigger and faster the raindrops that are falling, the higher the chance that the storm would cause you internet problems.

Does wind affect your internet connection?

The short answer is no. Unless the wind or a line has knocked over a tower has been ripped, you would not experience any difference in connectivity. The exception here is that the more people using the internet, the slower the speed gets for everyone in the area. To know if this is what is affecting your internet, you can run a speed test. Most times, a slow internet connection is no more than multiple users draining the bandwidth out of your wireless network. If you can see a WiFi signal but you are still experiencing lag, it could be that some part of your hardware has been compromised. Slowing down upload speed could mean that a line might be faulty somewhere.

Sometimes though, your internet speed may be problems from your internet provider. If this is the case, you may benefit from home internet plans compare to get the best plan for you. Visit, to compare your home internet plan today.

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