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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Aging Mac

Mac is an incredible device to own, with its stunning look and exceptional features. The brand itself is another reason to prefer the premium laptops, even if you need to shell out a bigger sum. But like everything else, your Mac is likely to lose its speed and shine with age. Apart from receding shine, old versions have outdated features, making them hard to use if you want to stay on top of productivity. Luckily, there are ways to get the most out of your aging Mac and extend its lifespan. Here are the measures you can adopt.

Keep an eye on Activity Monitor

Before planning a way to resolve the Mac aging issues, you need to diagnose them in the first place. Launching the Activity Monitor will enable you to pick the pain points and devise a strategy to address them. Check the resource-intensive and unwanted apps so that you can get rid of them at the earliest. Have a look at your RAM because it is an area that old devices often struggle with.

Upgrade your RAM

An old version with 4GB RAM is bound to give you problems over the years because it is the bare minimum. If you want your device to sustain for the foreseeable future, upgrading to 8GB is a good idea. Typically, 8GB is pretty comfortable for an average user, and an upgrade can give a new lease of life to your device. Upgrading does not cost a fortune, but it can do wonders for device speed and performance.

Declutter often

As a rule, you must declutter your Mac often, regardless of its age and version. Decluttering cleans up the system and boosts its power. Make sure you clear temporary files and caches as often as possible. You can read on to know the ways to get rid of these items. Organize the remaining files neatly in folders so that they are easy to access and put less burden on the device memory. Be extra conscious about cleaning up your desktop because an unorganized one is the biggest culprit.

Install the latest OS

An OS upgrade for an old Mac is another way to prevent the pains of aging. New versions of the OS offer the latest features and security improvements, enhancing the performance and security of the device. But you need to check the versions that your device will support. Also, there is a risk that the newer versions may strain an old Mac. Seek expert opinion to weigh the benefits and risks, although the benefits are mostly more.

Optimize battery life

Optimizing the battery life of your old Mac is another good way to get the best from it. macOS utilizes the battery to the highest levels for running the smart tools and features by default. But you can disable them from the settings to prolong the battery life of the device. Likewise, putting it on the low-power mode is another way to reduce the pressure on the battery.

Simple measures take you a long way to keep your aging Mac running optimally. Make hardware switches on time and clean up your usage habits to maximize the benefits.

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