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Finding Comprehensive Application Management Support

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Applications, especially those built and delivered via the cloud, are increasingly essential elements of enterprise operations. In 2020, well over 80 percent of corporate workloads resided on the cloud, and that number is only set to continue upward. 

It’s no surprise that cloud-based applications and platforms-as-a-service (PaaS) have become so universally used and loved. They provide incredibly compelling benefits to organizations, such as:

  • Less upfront investment, as applications can be bought on a subscription model and delivered via the internet, versus having to buy licenses and build on-premise infrastructure the more traditional way. 
  • Cloud applications are highly flexible and scalable—meaning it’s possible to get exactly what you want, and not pay any more, while also not compromising on the ability to expand at a rapid rate. 
  • Cloud-based tools are perfect for remote working, as all the same capabilities can be accessed anywhere an employee has access to the internet. 

There’s no question as to why cloud-based applications have become so popular in recent years. But simply adopting tools doesn’t mean you’ll find success with them. Like learning how to use any piece of technology, extracting full value from applications can take a long time, unless you’re getting guidance from an expert. These are some ideas for finding comprehensive application management support. 

What Is Application Management Support?

The fact of the matter is that deploying a new application platform can be a lot of work, and take a significant amount of time to get up and running in a meaningful way. When you consider that tools don’t just operate themselves and people need to be thoroughly trained in order to use them, it becomes clear why application managed services can be so useful. 

Application management support is essentially a third-party service that assists enterprises in the deployment and use of various services and platforms. These are a few of the things you can expect from and look for in application management support:

  • High customer satisfaction ratings – To some, it might seem overkill or unnecessary to hire a firm to show you how to use another provider’s tools. But for extremely large, complex systems, this is actually a pretty common and useful investment. Application management support services that have consistently high score have proven their worth. Furthermore, good reviews has been shown trustworthy reviews increase likelihood of purchase by over 92 percent, according to a study from G2.
  • A team to guide you along the way – You don’t need to talk to someone who doesn’t know anything about your organization on a call line. What you do need is a set team of experts who know your enterprise and how your chosen applications and platforms fit into overall organizational goals. 
  • Options for different levels – Not every company is the same. And on the same note, not all have equal needs for application management support. A provider with several tiers will be able to help you know matter where you are in the deployment process. 
  • Easy to contact – These aren’t just little fun toys we’re talking about. Software applications and platforms are the lifeblood of a modern enterprise. If these experience too much downtime, it can lead to serious consequences. The ability to easily contact your support team through a variety of mediums is key to keeping things on track.  

As you can see, there are many facets to application management support. But stakeholders still need to know where to go in order to find the best services in this realm. 

Where Should Enterprises Find Comprehensive Application Management Support?

When you want to get truly comprehensive service, you’re likely going to have to look at some of the larger companies offering application management support. These providers will have the top talent for what you need, as well as the scale to handle workloads of any size or variety. 

As mentioned earlier, a good application management support service will have multiple options available depending on your individual needs. Finally, you should be sure to find a firm that specializes in whatever applications and systems you’re specifically using. If you’re deploying Workday, find a certified Workday partner—not just anyone. 

There are nearly limitless possibilities with enterprise software applications today. Finding the right application management support can help you realize their full potential. 

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