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Drug Rehab Clinic in Birmingham: Features and Benefits

Being healthy is what seems to be unattainable at the beginning of the journey, and what turns into reality after spending time in a rehab. Addiction is a disease when a person becomes obsessed with substances or activities that destroy such a patient on physiological and psychological levels. And the problem of addiction itself is so complicated because it is not treated only by going to a psychologist or only with medications.

In a rehab, getting rid of addiction occurs in a comprehensive manner and under the supervision of qualified medical personnel. The success of the treatment is supported by the fact that the rehabs in Birmingham itself is located in a secluded quiet area where you can relax, forget about various anxieties, problems, fears, and other circumstances, which are often the root cause of addiction.

Staged Treatment in a Rehabilitation Center

The treatment actually begins from the moment when you or your loved one begins to look for a suitable rehab – this is the step when a problem is recognized. Here you can find a good rehabilitation center that is conveniently located relative to where you live:

When you sign a contract and become a patient, you will find:

  • Consultations from specialized doctors who will assess your current condition and together form an individual rehabilitation program.
  • Taking tests to get a clearer picture of your health status.
  • Complex therapy by a narcologist and psychiatrist.
  • Individual work with a psychologist.
  • Work in support groups.
  • Social events that take place in the rehabilitation center. Participation in them helps to switch, reboot, find friends or just relax.

One year of free patient support, which allows them to maintain a healthy lifestyle, is what reinforces the treatment and makes it as successful as possible. With the right support, the patient is less likely to roll back and relapse. Post-treatment support does not provide a 100% guarantee that the patient will never return to addiction, but reduces the likelihood of such an outcome significantly. 

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